Oak Apple Day!

08 February 2024

Celebrate Oak Apple Day, a delightful tradition that dates back centuries! This special occasion, observed on May 29th each year, pays tribute to the oak tree and the significance it holds in history and folklore. Oak Apple Day commemorates the restoration of King Charles II to the throne of England in 1660 and serves as a reminder of unity, resilience, and national pride. So let's adorn ourselves with oak leaves, wear a symbolic oak apple, and rejoice in the spirit of this cherished day. Happy Oak Apple Day!

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History of Oak Apple Day

Oak Apple Day holds a fascinating place in history and tradition. Dating back to the restoration of King Charles II to the English throne in 1660, this special day is celebrated annually on May 29th. Oak Apple Day commemorates the escape of the king after his defeat in the Battle of Worcester. Legend has it that Charles II hid in an oak tree to avoid capture, and ever since, the oak has been a symbol of loyalty and endurance. On this day, people wear oak apples or leaves, decorate their homes and public spaces, and partake in festive activities to honor the resilience and unity of the nation. Oak Apple Day is a cherished reminder of history, folklore, and the enduring spirit of the people.

Why Apples?

Oak Apple Day actually has no direct connection to apples. The term "oak apple" refers to a specific type of gall, or a growth, that forms on oak trees. These galls are caused by the larvae of certain wasps, which induce the tree to produce a protective structure. On Oak Apple Day, the focus is on the oak tree and its symbolic significance, rather than on actual apples. The day is primarily observed through the wearing of oak leaves or oak apples, decorating with oak-themed items, and celebrating the historical events associated with oak trees, such as the escape of King Charles II.