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Get your gift voucher for fans of gardening, DIY, interior design and great furniture.

Home & Garden gift cards

Home & Garden Gift Cards for a great place to call home Get your gift voucher for fans of gardening, DIY, interior design and great furniture. Home & Garden gift vouchers make for the ideal gift. Everybody lives somewhere, after all, even if it’s a single room shared with two flatmates. Gift cards in the home & garden category are always welcomed with a huge smile. After all, most people love to treat themselves to a new plant, lamp, vase or throw. With a home & garden gift voucher, you give them an excellent reason to browse a few websites and buy something that makes them happy.

National garden gift vouchers

National garden gift vouchers are accepted throughout the UK. The recipient of your gift card can use it at any garden centre anywhere in the country. So if you want to give your dad something that will get him out of his chair, or if you want to say thank you to your auntie Rose who is actually devoted to growing roses, go for a national garden gift voucher. They will love you forever. National garden gift vouchers are their first-class ticket to gardening heaven.

Home and garden centre vouchers

Did you kill your work colleague’s plant while he was away on vacation? Does your stepmom complain about her shabby living room furniture? Did you break your grandmother’s precious china? Seize the opportunity to set them on a quest for the finest items. With our home and garden centre vouchers, you can turn deplorable situations into great opportunities by giving away a little happiness.

DIY gift vouchers

You are secretly in love with the woman next door. Being a huge DIY fan, she is always working to improve her house and garden. Want to know how you can win her over? Apart from offering your help or lending her your ladder, you could give her one of our DIY gift vouchers. She could use it to get herself a new tool, wallpaper or paint. She may even ask you to help her pick the right colour.

Home and garden centre vouchers as a corporate gift or employee reward

Do you have any idea how many people love to improve their home and to potter about in the garden? Many, many millions. This makes home and garden centre vouchers an ideal corporate gift, incentive or reward. You can give them to thank, stimulate and reward employees. You can send them to business relations to celebrate an anniversary or to thank them for their partnership. You don’t have to know them personally, because home and garden centre vouchers can be used freely throughout the UK. They are a great surprise and cause instant happiness.

The benefits of a corporate incentive, reward or thank-you

  • It motivates individuals and teams
  • It increases engagement
  • It demonstrates the company’s recognition
  • It shows the company’s appreciation of the relationship