Home & Garden Gift Card

Home & Garden Gift Card

  • Choose from a wide array of home decor, gardening tools, and outdoor essentials

  • Redeemable at a wide selection of home and garden retailers

  • The perfect gift for homebirds and the green-fingered

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There’s no place like home and there’s no place like your own garden or balcony. Pottering about with plants, selecting home accessories, or designing your own little piece of paradise in your own backyard. For many people it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind, no matter what their age or profession is or no matter where they live. 

Some people are born with green thumbs or have an unprecedented keen eye for detail. Those who devour garden TV shows or those who are always browsing through the latest home decor magazines. When seeking a gift for an interior or garden lover, we have a Home & Garden Gift Card that they will surely adore. With numerous options, multiple brands to choose from and suitable for every taste and preference: the Home & Garden Gift Card

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use a Home & Garden Gift Card?

The Home & Garden Gift Card is redeemable for over 100 different gift cards from the range at giftcards.co.uk. Will you go for a new plant in the garden with the National Garden Gift Card? Or would you rather brighten up your home with new accessories from IKEA or Homesense? Visit giftcards.co.uk/check-your-balance for the full range.

How can I use the Home & Garden Gift Card?

To use the Home & Garden Gift Card, go to giftcards.co.uk/check-your-balance and enter the 19-digit card code that you can find on the back of the Home & Garden Gift Card. A new window will open, showing the value of the gift card. In addition, on this page you will see a list of gift cards for which you can redeem the Home & Garden Gift Card. It is possible to redeem the full value of your Home & Garden Gift Card for one gift card, but if you see more gift cards that you would like, you can select more than one gift card.

In which stores can I redeem the Home & Garden cards?

The Home & Garden Gift Card can only be bought and redeemed at the giftcards.co.uk website

How long is the gift card valid for?

The Home & Garden Gift Card is valid for one year after purchase.

Why choose a Home & Garden Gift Card?

When choosing a Home & Garden Gift Card you choose to have the recipient enjoy their hobby even more! With it they get to choose from tens of options. Colourful flowers to brighten up their balcony or patio with great home accessories to make their home even more cosy and welcoming... there’s an abundance of choice.

In addition, everyone has their own style and it’s great to receive a gift card that can be used to make your own place feel even more ‘yours.’ You don’t have to know the person you are gifting a gift card personally or know exactly what they like. With a Home & Garden Gift Card they can find something that is exactly to their liking!

How to use the Home & Garden voucher?

You’ve given the Home & Garden Gift Card to your loved one, friend or colleague. Now the joy of choosing a Home & Garden Gift Card can begin. The Home & Garden can be redeemed at our website: www.giftcards.co.uk. Here, the recipient can select the gift card of their choice. 

The Home & Garden Gift Card can be redeemed for multiple gift cards like the IKEA or Homesense Gift Card, the Bloom & Wild Gift Card, H&M at Home and more. On the Home and Garden Gift Card and on our website, they can see exactly which gift cards they can redeem it for. Once they’ve picked a gift card of their choice, they add the card to the shopping cart, choose ‘Choice Gift Card’ as payment method and pay with the Home & Garden in the checkout.

Home & Garden Gift Cards for every occasion

Home & Garden Gift Cards are gift-giving pleasures for every occasion. They are the perfect gift for the birthday of your partner, mother, dad with green thumbs or for your sister who is always redecorating her room. Are you invited to a wedding? Then the happy couple will surely be all smiles when receiving a Home and Garden Gift Card. Besides weddings and birthdays, the Home and Garden Gift Card can be used for a lot of other occasions. 

Think of your children leaving the parental nest to go study. A gift card that they can use to decorate their new student room will be welcomed with sparkling eyes. Or has your colleague just moved into their new home, then after all the moving stress they will enjoy unwrapping a Home and Garden Gift Card that will give them an abundance of choice for their new home or their new garden. Whatever the occasion, the Home & Garden Gift Card is one of the top favourite gift cards to give!