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We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But a gold watch or a set of small pearl earrings is lovely, too.

Jewellery Gift Cards

Jewellery gift cards

Jewellery gift cards for sparkling gifts and eyes We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But a gold watch or a set of small pearl earrings is lovely, too. Are you ready to propose to your girlfriend? Did your stepmother give birth to a lovely little girl? Is the whole team pitching in to thank the boss for saving the company? Jewellery gift cards are just what you need. Don’t worry, you won’t need to get another mortgage on your house. At you can get them from £10. In fact, a jewellery gift card is perfect for a group gift. Everyone contributes so the recipient can indulge in jewellery that puts a sparkle in their eye. So if you know that the recipient is a huge fan of glamour and sparkles, round up some friends and buy a jewellery gift card together.

Jewellery gift card pros and cons

We should warn you about the pros and cons of jewellery gift cards, however. The pros are obvious. Whoever is on the receiving end of the gift card shines like a light and shows a beaming face wherever they go. Your relationship with that person goes up three levels (unless they said no to your proposal, of course, but that’s a risk you’ll have to take). Being happy to the extreme, they are likely to be more successful in their life and work situations. People will want to be near them, hoping that their good fortune will rub off. The cons are that other people may be jealous of the lucky recipient. The jewellery may shine so brightly that they are passed over for certain opportunities. They may be considered too successful for their own good. Invitations to parties, dates and get-togethers may be issued only for selfish reasons. Luckily, the happy personality of the recipient will make up for all of these disadvantages.

Jewellery gift cards for men

Don’t think for a minute that jewellery gift vouchers are intended for women only. Men like jewellery too! They can use a jewellery gift voucher to buy themselves a new watch, ring, bracelet – you name it. Perhaps you found out that your teenage son has taken a weekend job to save up for a watch. Why not help him on his way by getting him a jewellery gift card?

Jewellery gift cards for children

New grandchild? Nobody knows better than you that the first few months are like a rollercoaster. Get the new mum and dad a jewellery gift card. It allows them to buy an appropriate necklace, pendant or bracelet for the little one when they are ready for it.

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