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Make anyone happy with one of our spa gift vouchers or beauty vouchers. You might even want to join them when they book a session.

Spa Gift Cards

Spa gift cards

Spa gift vouchers for a relaxing experience Make anyone happy with one of our spa gift vouchers or beauty vouchers. You might even want to join them when they book a session. Since the dawn of time, every culture has had its own type and form of wellness. Whether we live in a hot, cold or mild climate, we all have our traditional wellness rituals and practices. Wellness gives us a break from daily stress, routine and work. Saunas, hot springs, ice baths, mud wrappings, massages and beauty treatments have all proven their worth for thousands of years. Countless generations have experienced their benefits. Do we have to tell you it will do you good? Get your lover a spa gift voucher!

Spa gift vouchers

Is there anyone out there who is not stressed? Highly strung? Tired and overworked? Right. Let’s do something about it. In caveman days, even the most manly warriors took the time to relax, bathe and let their guard down. Wellness was just one of the aspects of their life, and there was nothing woolly about it. So if your dad, weight-lifting friend, best pal or boss has earned a gift, get them one or our spa gift vouchers. You will be able to tell from their faces when they’ve redeemed your spa gift card. They will look totally in sync with themselves. A spa gift card is a great gift to thank your best friend for helping you move. A stimulating gift for your former colleague who is launching her own business. A surprising way to invite your sister to a spa & beauty weekend in the country.

Beauty vouchers

Our beauty vouchers are all about pampering yourself. So much so that you might be tempted to buy one for yourself. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve one every single day of the week.A beauty gift card opens the door to a gentle, warm and relaxing beauty session. A trained and experienced beautician wraps you in a soft towel and gives you a series of treatments. Cleansing and toning your skin and massaging your face and neck, for instance. Eyebrows, lashes, spots – you name it. Just select the treatments you want and lie back. Is your mother recovering from a car accident? Has your colleague been seriously ill? Is one of your friends going through a messy divorce? The beauty vouchers at make everyone feel better – whether male or female. A beauty voucher tells them you care. You could round up some friends or work colleagues to contribute, and give the beauty gift card together.

Get your spa gift vouchers for relationship management

Especially in business, a spa gift card sends a powerful, positive message. It tells the recipient that their health matters to you. That life should not be all work and no play. That you want them to be kind to themselves. If an employee is about to have an operation, if a manager has exceeded her targets by 200% or if a supplier has provided great service for as long as you can remember, a spa gift voucher is a warm way to wish them well or thank them. So get yourself a good stock of spa gift vouchers, and be generous with them.