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You will see the supermarket in a whole new light with a supermarket gift card. Never mind what you put in your cart – it’s all paid for!

Supermarket Gift Cards

Supermarket gift cards

Supermarket gift cards - carefree shopping guaranteed You will see the supermarket in a whole new light with a supermarket gift card. Never mind what you put in your cart – it’s all paid for!
Are you wondering why you should buy someone a supermarket gift card? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Your friend has offered to cook a great big meal for a whole bunch of friends. As a group, you’re pitching in to pay for it all.
  • Your friend has lost her job and her boyfriend. She is temporarily living in a dump. You want to help her.
  • Your friend always goes on about winning 2 minutes worth of free shopping, and what she would throw in her cart. She can live her dream with the supermarket gift card you are getting her.
  • Your friend loves to cook. A supermarket gift card is the obvious gift!
  • Your son or daughter is leaving the nest. A supermarket gift card helps them on their way.

Christmas dinners, wedding anniversaries, birthdays – celebrations of all kinds are great to share with family, friends and/or neighbours. The costs can be an issue. offers a new way to deal with the issue and to do it in a really nice way: the supermarket gift card.

The supermarket gift card lets the recipient do the shopping without a worry in the world. Whatever they buy is paid for in advance!

The supermarket gift card comes with several advantages:

Carefree shopping: The recipient does not have to worry about the expenses. This alone will put a smile on their face. It will also encourage them to buy the very best.

Indulgent shopping: The recipient can buy their favourite products, try out new products and add coveted things to the shopping cart.

Healthy shopping: The recipient can buy everything they need for a number of healthy meals. Good quality fruits, vegetables, flour and bread, for instance.

Supermarket gift cards, more than food alone

Big supermarkets offer much more than just food. Such as wine, household products, clothing, nappies and toys. In fact, food is just one of the departments in some supermarkets. That’s why a supermarket gift card can stand for several days of leisure shopping. Secondly, our supermarket gift cards can be used for meal boxes or home-delivered meals. Your recipient can opt for convenience and save lots of time. Can you imagine the look on your overworked brother’s face? Great surprise, instant happiness perhaps?

Supermarket gift card in physical or digital format

The supermarket gift card is available in both physical and digital formats. The advantage of the physical gift card is that your grandmother or work colleague does not have to fiddle with email on their phone when paying for the products they bought. They can show their card, get it scanned, take their receipt without a fuss. The advantage of an e gift card is that the recipient always carries it with them, wherever they go. After all, they never leave home without their telephone. So even when they are in a far corner of the UK, they can use their gift card whenever they feel like it.