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Cornerstone Gift Card

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Cornerstone allows men to subscribe for shaving essentials and receive enough items for the month. Their products range from award-winning razor blades to shaving foams approved by dermatologists, giving you a smooth shave. If you aren’t sure which balms, gels and creams your loved one uses, you can get them a Cornerstone gift voucher. That way, they are free to choose the products they want. Order now on!


Whether it is Father’s Day or a birthday, a Cornerstone gift voucher will solve your gifting dilemma! Choose a card for £20, £25 or £30, and the recipient can decide for themselves if they want shaving products or a body wash set, which includes an energising body wash, oil-free face, moisturiser and antiperspirant. It is also convenient to send an e-voucher since you can deliver it in seconds without extra costs. The online redemption policy on gift cards allows you to subscribe to shaving essentials at home without moving an inch!

Cornerstone specialises in high-quality toiletries for men, and they provide subscription plans to improve convenience. If you subscribe for the shaving essentials, you will receive a month’s supply of razor blades, pre-shave face scrub, sensitive shave gels, creams and post-shave balm. You can also buy the items on a one-off basis and include hair styling products and shampoos. A Cornerstone gift voucher also allows the recipient to stock bathroom products like body and face wash. The moisturisers and face wash are oil-free, perfect for men’s skin texture. If you are looking for antiperspirants, you will find the best product at Cornerstone with 48-hour protection. Cornerstone promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing multivitamins to boost energy and Orlistat weight loss tablets. You can also find hair loss treatment tablets, floss tape and toothpaste.