Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card

Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card

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  • Easy to purchase and use, perfect for any occasion

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Few things are as fun as good food and good company. That’s why Hotel & Restaurant gift cards make for a wonderful gift! Gift the joy of an evening, or perhaps even a weekend getaway including an overnight stay, at a hotel. Getting away from it all, having time to catch up. In other words: gifting quality time, the most valuable time in the world. With a Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card, the recipient can choose from various gift cards. From a romantic dinner to a complete holiday package or spending the night in a charming boutique hotel. Your gift will be an absolute winner and guaranteed to be remembered.

Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase and send a Hotel and Dinner gift voucher?

To purchase a Hotel and Dinner gift voucher please go to the page of the Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card. Then, select the value you would like to put on the gift card and click 'Add to basket'. Fill in your personal details and those of the lucky recipient and complete the ordering process. Be sure to enter the correct (email) address of the recipient, so the gift card or e-voucher arrives in the right place. After ordering, we will send you an order confirmation.

Can Hotel and Dinner gift vouchers be used at any location?

You must first redeem your Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card on our website. Subsequently you can choose your specific gift card.

What happens if the full value of the gift voucher is not used in one visit?

The Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card is valid for 1 year. The remaining amount remains on the card for one year, you can use your card multiple times until it has no value anymore.

Are there any expiration dates or restrictions on when the gift vouchers can be used?

The Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card is valid for 1 year after purchase. When you have redeemed your card for a Hotel Gift Card for example, your Hotel Gift Card has an expiration date of 1 year again. So, be sure to redeem your card in time.


The best Hotel & Restaurant gift cards

With our Hotel & Dinner gift vouchers, recipients can go to our website and redeem their choice gift voucher for various hotel and restaurant gift cards. Hotels, restaurants, weekend trips or complete vacation packages around the globe: there’s a card for every type of traveller or foodie. Here’s a short list of the best Hotel & Restaurant gift cards.


Give an experience with the Hotel & Restaurant gift cards

Of course, any gift is welcome and appreciated by the recipient, because after all, it’s the thought that counts. However… one of the best gifts to give someone is the gift of an experience. Making memories with an amazing experience fitting the recipient’s hobbies or bucket list will make them remember your gift forever. With the dinner and hotel vouchers you can give the recipients moments to remember. 

A Hotel Gift Card for a city break for your brother, a dinner voucher for a romantic dinner for your best friend and her new love or perhaps take your granddad out for a trip to a place where he has wonderful memories. No matter who you would like to surprise, our Hotel & Dinner gift vouchers will definitely make for a very happy recipient.

How to choose the best Hotel & Restaurant gift cards?

Choosing the best Hotel & Restaurant gift cards is all about choosing something that best fits the recipient. True foodies will enjoy a dinner card for a new restaurant or exotic new diner, while people who are always home late from work will be happy with a dinner gift voucher for a delivery service or a take-out restaurant. The best thing is that Hotel & Dinner gift vouchers cater to all of those needs and then some.

The same goes for hotels. There are as many hotels as there are different tastes and preferences. Whether the recipient is into 5-star luxury or prefers a hotel with only the basics, a bed and breakfast in the countryside or a modern city hotel in the heart of London. Try to figure out what the recipient likes or does in their spare time. And if you don’t know them all that well then, the Hotels & Restaurants Gift Card is your solution as its options are numerous.