Laithwaites Wine Gift Cards

Laithwaites Wine Gift Cards

  • Valid for two years after purchase

  • Choose from a huge range of wines, beers and spirits

  • Whether you're after a French white or an Argentinian red, Laithwaite's has everything

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Wine is a great way to relax and unwind, but finding the right bottle for that special someone can be difficult. With a Laithwaite's Wine gift card, you can give them exactly what they want - no more guessing games. Whether it's wine or beer that your friends love, a gift card gives them access to a vast selection of bottles and cans from around the world. Order now on!

Frequently asked questions

Are Laithwaites Wines good value?

For the latest reviews, you can check Laithwaite's Trustpilot page.

Who owns Laithwaites Wine?

Tony Laithwaite and his wife Barbara Laithwaite are the current owners of Laithwaite Wine.

Where can I buy Laithwaites Wine gift cards?

Buy your Laithwraites Wine Gift Card at


With Laithwaite's Wine gift cards, you can find the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a glass or two, whatever their preference. Your recipients can sip and savour their way into a lifelong love affair with good wines by picking out the perfect drink themselves. And who said wine is just for special occasions? It can also be used in everyday cooking to bring out those magical flavours. Whether they're baking an apple pie, stuffing a chicken or enriching their risotto, Laithwaite's caters to their culinary needs. Load a gift card with a £10, £25 or £50, and let your lucky person enjoy their faves when they fancy. What's more, gift cards come with e-card options and are delivered directly to your email, so it's never too late to buy that last-minute present.

Laithwaite's Wine gift cards can help you choose from a huge range of wines, beers and spirits. You'll find light and zesty rosé wines, as well as creamy Chardonnays with hints of lemon curd and apple pie. For red wine lovers, a floral Pinot Noir with hints of leather is perfect for dinner parties on warm summer nights. Enhance your special occasion with vintage champers or bubbly prosecco. Whether you're after a French white or an Argentinian red, Laithwaite's has everything. Wine buffs will appreciate their extensive collection, while novices can explore new territory in their online or in-store cellar selection.