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  • Valid for one year after purchase

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Travel is such a personal choice. Some people like the ease of a package holiday, while others prefer more freedom. Some like the fun of bustling cities and others want quiet rural destinations. Whatever your loved one wants, a TripGift card lets them choose from a huge range of options. Order now on!

Frequently asked questions

How does tripgift work?

You can only use your TripGift directly on their website to access and book the best worldwide Travel Gift card selection of over 1.5 Million dynamic products from anywhere to anywhere.

Is tripgift good?

TripGift is a reputable company known for its commitment to enhancing the travel and experience-gifting industry. They have earned a solid reputation for offering a diverse selection of gift cards and vouchers that cater to travellers' and adventurers' desires.

Is my Tripgift voucher still valid?

Tripgift vouchers are valid for one year after purchase.

Where can I spend my tripgift voucher?

TripGift vouchers offer a versatile way to enhance your travel and experiences. You can typically redeem them for a wide range of options, including Hotels, airlines, experiences, car rentals, dining, spa and wellness and even retail.


TripGift has partnerships with some of the world's most trusted travel brands, including British Airways, Marriott, Hilton and Hertz. That means your lucky recipient can feel safe in the knowledge that they are travelling with established companies. They'll be able to spend their gift card exactly as they like, and they can also use more than one gift card in a single transaction. TripGift cards can be loaded with amounts of money from £10 to £150.

The beauty of TripGift is the total freedom that it offers. There's something for absolutely everyone, with over 1.5 million travel experiences available to choose from. That means you won't have to second guess anything. Not sure what your loved one's perfect holiday might be? Let them decide for themselves! A TripGift card can be used to book flights, accommodation - whether that's a hotel, apartment, or villa - package tours, car rental, tours, day trips, and even online language and learning courses. This simple card unlocks a whole world of travel opportunities, both at home in the UK and all over the world. Because of this, a TripGift card makes an ideal present for just about anyone. Give one to a travel-loving friend who wants to continue their globetrotting adventures, offer one to newlyweds to use on their honeymoon, or give one to a relative who fancies a quiet weekend in the Cotswolds! The options for experiences to remember are almost endless.