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Does anyone in your life deserve more luxury? Then treat them to an Uber Rides gift card! With an Uber Rides gift card, your recipient can choose from a range of the best vehicles for different purposes. Perfect for the whole family, Uber Rides gift cards let everyone travel in style whenever they please. Order now on giftcards.co.uk!

Frequently asked questions

Can you gift uber rides?

You can gift someone a Uber gift card so they can buy the rides for themselves. Check the gift card on our website! Giftcards.co.uk

How to gift an uber card?

You can check an Uber gift card on our website and gift it to someone. Giftcards.co.uk

How much is an uber ride?

That depends on the route that you are going to take. With a long ride you will pay more than with a short ride.

How to get a free uber ride?

You can give someone a gift card so basically he gets a free uber ride.

Can i cancel uber ride?

Yes you can!

Uber Rides

With an Uber Rides gift card, your lucky recipient can catch a ride anywhere they need to go without worrying about a thing. No more waiting on buses or trains, which never seem to have a place to sit down! Just jump into your slick Uber Rides vehicle and get moving. Whether you're heading to the grocery store or a different city, an Uber Rides gift card makes it a breeze to get in and around town. Ready to make someone's everyday journey feel like a plush upgrade? Just load their gift card with a balance between £5 and £150, and you'll know you've made their day! Plus, Uber Rides cards can be delivered straight to your email, so you can even send them as last-minute presents!

Do you need to get from point A to point B but don't feel like driving or dealing with public transportation? Well, Uber has your back. Get yourself an Uber Rides gift card and request a ride today. The best part is you can always ride in style, thanks to the many car options. Whether you're going to the airport or across town, Uber Rides ensures you'll get there in comfort and on time. You can use your Uber Rides gift card to pick up your friends so that they can join you at home or the office when you redeem your Uber Eats gift card, too. So what are you waiting for? Get an Uber gift card for a ride or two today!