Gift grandmother: 8 gift ideas that will make your grandmother happy

16 February 2024

Your grandmother, your tower of strength, the founder of all family traditions… Is your grandma celebrating her 80th, 85th or 90th birthday? Would you like to show her how much she means to you on Mother’s Day? Or just surprise her with a fun gift? Put a big smile on her face with a personal gift, given with love. Are you thinking: ‘That’s all wonderful, but I could use a bit of gift inspiration’? Not to worry! Below we’re sharing 8 gift ideas that will make your grandmother happy!

Gift grandmother 80 years old

An amazing milestone has been reached: your amazing grandmother has turned 80 years old! This is a great moment to celebrate. Look back on a life full of memories and look ahead to all the new adventures you’re going to experience together.

Gift 1: For creative grandmas

Creative people are always happy with sustainable arts and crafts supplies. Think of a colourful painting set, with paint, brushes, and a wooden canvas. Or choose beautiful calligraphy pens for sending handwritten cards to the family. Is your grandmother a huge fan of knitting? Then a knitting box with luxurious yarns, knitting needles or buttons forms the perfect gift for her.

Are her hands itching to learn something new? Then a workshop also makes for a great gift. With it she can sign up for a unique experience: from pottery baking to photography – anything is possible!

Gift 2: To relax and unwind

What could be more lovely than spending a day in a fluffy bathrobe, surrounded by the delicious scents of bath oils and bath salt? Surprise your granny with a wellness day. Time to relax the muscles and revitalise the skin. After a day filled with self-indulgence she will return home with renewed energy.

Giff grandmother 85 years old

Hip, hip, hurray! 85 years old – what an extraordinary age! No doubt you’re looking for a gift as a tribute to all her wisdom, love, and resilience.

Gift 3: interesting reads

Are you always spotting your grandma holding an interesting book or magazine? Is her book cabinet slowly bursting with books? Or does she love to immerse herself in fascinating stories? Then you’ll make her happy with a reading gift. With it she can choose from an immense offer of her favourite books, e-books, and magazines.

Gift 4: a touch of technology

Technology can make everything easier. With a tablet or e-reader she has all her favourite books within hands reach. A new modern companion that offers access to a library of knowledge and memories.

Or give her a voice-activated smart home assistant to simplify her daily tasks, from arranging the lights in her home to asking to play her favourite song. She can find everything she needs at Argos.

Gift grandmother 90 years old

What kind of gift do you give someone who celebrates her 90th birthday? Something that shows how much your grandmother is cherished and admired by the people who love her! Plan a fun family gathering to celebrate this special day.

Gift 5: for the stylish grandmother

From the tall boots, ballerinas and geometric patterns of the sixties, to flared pants and dresses with flower prints in the seventies or neon colours and shoulder pads in the eighties: your grandmother has seen them all. And perhaps she’s even filled her own wardrobe with them!

Therefore you’re sure to make your style icon happy with a fashion gift, like a classy purse or a pair of comfortable yet elegant shoes.

Gift: a tasty dinner date

Spending time together with your granny is priceless. Treat her to a tasty dinner with the whole family. Go for a taste pallet of olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, basil, and parmesan with an Italian meal for example. Or choose simpler, more robust meals with potatoes, vegetables, and meat from the Dutch kitchen. The birthday girl gets to choose!

A Mother’s Day gift for grandmother

Finding a Mother’s day gift for your grandmother is a beautiful way of showing her that you think of her often. Below we’re sharing some great gift ideas to surprise her with on this special day.

Gift 7: let her blossom with flowers

Flowers are always a good choice! Bring some colour to her home (and cheeks) with a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers or a flowering plant, or go for a wonderful flower subscription that regularly blossoms up the living room with fresh colours bringing immediate joy. From a wildflower bouquet to traditional roses, there is something for every grandmother!

Gift 8: create a lasting memory

Celebrate the precious family ties with an unforgettable day, for example with a professional photoshoot in which everyone gets to stand in the spotlights. Capture all those smiling faces and then give them a beautiful place in her home.

Or choose personalised jewellery with the names of her grandchildren engraved in it. A gorgeous memento that reminds her that her family is always near.

Which gift will make you shower your grandma with love? Happy to surprise!