Is your grandfather celebrating his birthday? Surprise him with a special gift!

16 February 2024

Granddad, the indispensable hero in the life of his grandchildren! Always there to help, to spoil his family and to share his inexhaustible source of wisdom with the people surrounding him. Is his birthday coming up? Then of course you’ll want to surprise him with a gift that’ll make this day extra special. But… what gift should you give your grandfather? No matter if he’s turning 60, 70 or 80 years old, there’s always a way to show him how much you care. Join us in entering a world of surprise and discover how you can celebrate your granddad with an amazing birthday gift!

A personal gift for granddad

On the day you’re celebrating this great person called granddad, he deserves nothing less than the extraordinary. Give him a gift that not only says ‘Happy Birthday,’ but that also stresses the special bond between you two. Warm his heart with a personal gift that tells your story and that cherishes the great memories you have together.

A photo album filled with smiling faces and unforgettable moments is the perfect way to bring these memories to life. You can also give him one of the most beautiful photos of the two of you together in a photo frame, or create a great calendar for keeping up with all the birthdays and holidays. This way, your grandfather will enjoy a new memory every month. Or have a photo turned into a unique jigsaw puzzle with 30 to 1500 pieces in which the photo will be revealed to granddad piece by piece. Does your grandfather prefer to stand behind the camera? Then you can give him a photography workshop. Gorgeous family portraits? Check!

A funny gift for grandpa

You would like to use a gift to bring a big smile to your granddad’s face. What better way to do that than with a funny gift? You can choose a coffee mug with a funny quote like ‘Granddad, we’ve tried to find you the very best gift but you already have us.’ Or a plate he can hang up in his workshop saying, ‘If grandpa can’t fix it, nobody can.’

Or perhaps your grandfather is a fan of a certain comedian. Then a ticket to a comedy show will definitely be to his liking. Wanna bet he’ll be shaking with laughter?

A green gift for your grandfather

Is your grandfather always pottering about in his (vegetable) garden? We also have various gift ideas for granddads with green thumbs! With the All-in-1 Choice for Home & Garden your grandfather can take the time to find exactly what he needs. From beautiful plants to wheelbarrows and garden gnomes, with this garden gift voucher he can find all that he needs to let his (vegetable) garden bloom.

In addition, a bird house also makes for a great gift. Because what’s more lovely than waking up to the sound of birds singing in the garden? Or give him a set of plant pots in various sizes, because garden enthusiasts can never use enough of those. Next time you come to visit, you’ll probably spot lots of new colours in grandpa’s garden!

Gift ideas: grandfather 60 years old

Is your grandfather turning 60 years old? Surprise him with a unique experience like an interesting boat trip along historical locations or an enchanting balloon ride during which he can explore his own neighbourhood from high up in the sky. In addition you can surprise your grandfather with a nice diner. Coose a cosy restaurant together with the family and catch up whilst enjoying a delicious meal and a fine glass of wine. Do you think your granddad would rather enjoy a good glass of wine at home? Thanks to the Laithwaites Wine Gift Card he can choose his own favourite bottle.

Gift ideas: grandfather 70 years old

Is your grandfather turning 70 years old? This calls for a celebration! And what way to pamper your grandpa more than with a Hotel Gift Card? With this gift voucher your grandfather can spend the night at extraordinary locations. Sleep liking a king or a queen, now doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Or surprise him with a retro record player. Char/gift-cards/hotelgiftcard/ming like a classic turntable, but not outdated at all thanks to modern features like a USB cable and Bluetooth. Ready to get those old vinyl records down from the attic and dance to the music of his youth together?

Gift ideas: grandfather 80 years old

Is your grandfather turning 80 years old? Warm his feet with a pair of soft comfortable slippers. Think of those wintry nights when grandpa, sitting in his favourite chair, puts on his new slippers. What a lovely way to relax! However, are you stressing out whilst trying to make a choice in the shoe store? Then a Zalando gift voucher saves the day!

Or did he used to be an avid reader, but are those small letters causing problems now? Then make him happy with a large-print book of one of his favourite authors. Many novels have versions with a large letter type available. So snoop around the large-print department of your favourite bookstore or surprise him with a book gift card!

Whether you’re choosing a personal gift, a funny present, or a green gift for keeping up his beloved (vegetable) garden, it underlines the special bond you share. We are sure that your grandfather will cherish your gift with all of his heart. Let yourself be inspired by our gift ideas for granddad and put a radiant smile on his face. Happy gift-giving!