Gift teacher: 5 surprisingly fun gifts to thank your (male) teacher with

16 February 2024

Your teacher is not just any teacher, he’s a superhero in the life of his students! That level of dedication not only deserves an applause, but also un unforgettable thankyou. Whether it’s the festive end to the school year, an extraordinary occasion or just a spontaneous ‘thankyou.’ The right present can make a world of difference. Are your hands as a parent still up in the air as to what to give? Don’t worry! We are happy to provide you with a firm dose of inspiration: immerse yourself in our list of 5 surprisingly fun gifts ideas and find the ultimate gift for the (male) teacher. That way you make the teacher and his students happy, because giving a gift is almost just as much fun as receiving a gift! Ready to surprise?

Farewell gift male teacher

School holidays are almost there… Sunny days for playing outside are beckoning, but first there’s a less fun moment: saying goodbye to the teacher. The person who was ready for his students day after day and has built up a close bond with them. Luckily, a fun farewell gift for the male teacher can ease the pain a bit.

You can opt for a gift that reflects his passions and interests, a personalized gift like a photo album, or a symbolic gift like an engraved fountain pen. A group gift, for which the entire class paid together, has its own special charm. A handwritten letter, in which the students express their gratitude, share memories, and let the teacher know how much they will miss him, will undoubtedly make him shed a little tear. This way you turn the painful goodbye into a warm moment full of great memories and love.

Gift 1: teacher’s favourite mug

A classic but that doesn’t make it any less fun to receive: the personalized mug from which the teacher can drink is strong cup of coffee every morning. Imagine him getting up at the crack of dawn, walks up to the coffee machine and impatiently awaits that first black flow of deliciously smelling coffee beans… Then what could be more fun than a mug with his own name on it, especially for him, given by his own students? A lovely memento like that is the perfect way to start the day.

In addition to his name you can also have an inspirational quote or a picture of the class printed on it. This personal touch is a wonderful way to remind him of the positive impact he has had on his students every day. And wanna bet that that funny quote will put a big smile on his face during his coffee break? As an extra, you can also hide a gift card in the mug, for an extra thankyou.

Gift 2: a survival kit for the teacher

Every once in a while, even a teacher can use a survival kit! Something that protects him from those early mornings, the bitter cold outside he has to withstand or the challenges during his workday. Put together a box with coffee, delicious chocolates, and other treats. Perfect ingredients for him to treat himself with. Or choose a Coffee Gift Card. Because who doesn’t get happy from having a lovely coffee moment with something delicious on the side?

In addition, a notebook, pens, markers and post-its should not be missing in the survival kit. These are indispensable items for keeping notes, to-do lists and important information.

And for the teacher who is still holing a book even during summer holidays, add a reading gift to the box! That way he can choose his own favourite books, e-books, or magazines to indulge in during his time off.

Gift 3: for the teacher with green thumbs

Do you know that the teacher spends most of his time off in his garden or vegetable garden? Then surprise him with a gift that fits his passion. Plants or flowers are always a good idea. It brings some life to his desk and if it becomes too big, he can put it in a larger pot and plant it in his garden. Besides, it’s a gift that’ll keep growing for years to come, so it will remember him of his students for a long time to come.

In addition, some garden tools make for a recommendable choice as well. Or a great collection of lush flowers or tasteful vegetables he can plant in his own (vegetable) garden. Would you rather let him choose something himself? With the All-in-1 Choice for Home & Garden gift card he can get everything to celebrate his green passion.

Gift 4: a strong dose of humour

To put an irresistible smile on the face of the teacher you can also choose a gift with a strong dose of humour. Think of a funny book that suits his sense of humour. Or a ticket to his favourite comedy show. What better way to wind down after a hectic day at work then with some loud laughs.

Or you can choose a pair of funny socks, a funny card, or a playful pencil case. The options are endless! And if we know children a bit then we’re sure that they will be happy to help you in your search for the perfect funny gift for the teacher.

Gift 5: for the active teacher

Finally, let's not forget the active teacher. Perhaps you would like to surprise the gymnastics teacher? Or surprise that one teacher who comes to school by bike in all weathers? Or the one who always speaks passionately after the holidays about his adventurous trips to the most insane destinations?

The you can choose a farewell gift that caters to his passions even extra. Think for example of a Sports Gift Card for the sportive teacher, or an Airbnb voucher for the seasoned traveller.

Whatever gift for the teacher you choose: he will undoubtedly cherish it, along with the many fond memories of his students. Although saying goodbye always hurts a little, it is also a new door that opens. With a loving gift, you can turn even a goodbye into a party: happy to surprise, anytime, anywhere! And now it's time for holidays. Have fun!