The best gift for a woman? This is what she wants to receive!

16 February 2024

You’re searching for that perfect gift for a woman that’s close to your heart. Perhaps you would like to surprise a friend with a gift for her birthday? Celebrate your neighbour to thank her for all her help? Let that one colleague know how much you appreciate her work? Or maybe you’re trying to find a Christmas gift for her? Or a gift idea for a woman’s birthday? In this article we’re sharing all our gift tips for women: let yourself be inspired and find the perfect gift for every age and every occasion! To whose face will you be bringing a smile?

Gift for women of all ages

Age is just a number… And perhaps also a tiny helpful guideline for when you’re looking for a gift for a woman. Are you trying to find a gift for a woman of 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years old? Not to worry, there’s a perfect gift for every age! Below we’ll guide you into the right direction.

Gift woman 25 years old

When passing the milestone of reaching the age of 25, the gift should be equally unforgettable. Consider booking a weekend break in a nice Airbnb, where you can create new memories together. Whether it’s a romantic city, picturesque nature reserve or a vibrant historical location, it’s the perfect way to cross a travel destination off her bucket list.

Would you rather stay closer to home? You don’t have to go far for an evening of drinks and bites. Treat her to an All Bar One Gift Card, for the best cocktails, a beer with delicious snacks, a wine tasting or luxury bites with bubbles.

Gift woman 30 years old

The very best gift of course seemingly connects to the person you wish to surprise. Are you looking for a gift for a busy woman aged 30? Then take a minute to stop and think what would make her happy. Is she going through busy times at work? Does she have young children? Or would you just like to surprise her with some me-time? Then the Spa Breaks Gift Card will form a welcome gift! A day full of relaxation and pampering is perfect for women who love a day of bubbling, lovely massages, and hot saunas.

Is she more of an adventurous type? Then surprise her with an unforgettable experience like a magical balloon flight, an interesting wine tasting or an exiting day trip.

Gift woman 40 years old

Also with a gift for a woman of 40 years old there are numerous options to choose from. Has she just moved house or does she love interior items? The All-in-1 Choice for Home & Garden is both practical and versatile. For kitchen princesses and (vegetable) garden lovers this gift voucher is a guaranteed hit. She can let her creativity run free with new kitchen gadgets or lush plants and herbs. It’ll be a feast of flavours and colours she will enjoy repeatedly.

And for the bon-vivant who would rather discover new culinary gems away from home? Spoil her with a delicious dinner of choice. Good food and good company? Check!

Gift woman 50 years old

A milestone like celebrating your 50th birthday of course deserves a gift that is as extraordinary as the moment itself! Leave the everyday behind and shower her with an experience that’ll make her heart beat faster. How about a culinary trip to an exclusive restaurant? That way you will give her a tasteful adventure that will stimulate all her senses.

Or perhaps choose a bottle of her favourite wine or champaign? Make a toast to five decennia of beautiful memories with her. Or, for the ultimate pampering, give her a luxurious overnight stay. Because let’s be fair, turning 50? That’s something to celebrate in style!

Gift woman 60 years old or 65 years old

Are you facing the challenge of finding a gift for a woman of 60 or 65 years old? Not to worry, the options are endless! Is she a born fashionista? Then the All-in-1 Fashion Gift Card is the perfect chance to let her shine. With it she can spoil herself with new purchases for her impressive wardrobe.

Or perhaps it’s been a while since she’s been out and about? Time for a trip! Perfect for a city break, to go sniff some local culture, go hiking in gorgeous nature reserves or enjoy the English coast. Hello new memories and all the beauty that life has to offer!

Gift woman 70 years old

When celebrating a special woman of 70 years old, like for example your grandmother, a personal gift will make the occasion extra special. Doing something together is always valuable, especially at this age. Consider a day trip, a nice dinner or perhaps even a small trip to the theatre or another place she’s always wanted to visit.

Flowers or plants are another beautiful way of showing how much you love her. A colourful bouquet lets her know how much you appreciate all the things she does for you. And at the same time it brings some colour to her home.

Gift for a woman for every occasion

From a birthday to Christmas and everything in between: nothing beats gift boxes! Why? Because you can fill them with everything her heart desires, from her favourite beauty products to deliciously flavoured candles, chocolates that make your mouth water or even her favourite books. What could be more fun than giving her a gift box that has been lovingly composed, completely customized to her liking?

Gift idea woman birthday

Celebrating a birthday also means celebrating her personality and unique passions. Meaning tons of inspiration for gift ideas! Does she like sports? Then a pair of firm running shoes or a gadget like a smartwatch make for a fun gift. Is she a real foodie? Then think of a lovely dinner of beautiful kitchen utensils. Meanwhile you can surprise a book lover with a National Book Tokens Gift Card and a DIY enthusiast with a Home and Garden gift card. There’s a gift for every birthday girl!

Gift idea woman Christmas

Christmas, the time of love and cosiness. And what better way to bring this magic to life than with a thoughtful gift? A gift idea for Christmas is a cosy blanket in which she can completely disappear. An invitation to cocoon during cold days and to enjoy the magical holiday spirit. Would you rather give a festive and practical gift? Think of a handy raclette set for lovely Christmas dinners at home, to emphasize the time spent together. Or a Travel Card so she can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere elsewhere, on an exotic beach for example, or during a fairylike snow trip!

Gift idea woman Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, the perfect day to spoil the women in your life and to show them how much they mean to you. Let your mum shine with a heartwarming personalised gift like a personalised mug with a loving message or a beautiful picture of the two of you together.

IN addition, nothing says ‘I love you” like bonbons do. Treat your mother to a box of delicious chocolates in her favourite flavour. Wanna bet that they’ll be gone in no time? Or treat her to a voucher to a coffee bar so she can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee. Perfect for small moments of joy together!

Gift idea woman Valentine’s Day

Queen B already knew it: “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.” Jewels make the perfect Valentine’s gift for a stylish woman! Think of a subtle necklace with a heart or a set of new earrings. Are you flipping out at the thought of having to pick something out? Thanks to the Ernest Jones gift card she can decide for herself what looks best on her!

In addition you can opt to organise a lovely romantic dinner, complete with a champaign toast. Or give her a true classic like chocolate and a red roses bouquet. But the most important thing of course is that you choose a gift that suits your loved one. Think about her interests and choose a gift that shows how well you know her, whether it’s a book by her favourite author, a spa voucher for some relaxation or tickets to a concert of her favourite band, a thoughtful gift is always a winner!

Gift idea for pregnant woman

Being pregnant is a special experience, one that absolutely must be celebrated. With a belly sculpture as a gift, you make the pregnancy that little bit more special. The memento captures the growing belly of the mum-to-be and later it can be cherished as a unique reminder of this magical period.

A diaper cake also forms an original gift, especially with some cute baby clothes, socks or onesies as a ‘cherry on the cake’. Would you rather spoil the mum herself? Then a pregnancy massage or a fun day out is recommendable. That way you can grab some quality time together before the baby arrives.

Gift for a woman who has it all

Nothing is more difficult than having to come up with a gift for the person who already seems to have everything. Luckily, with a gift card you have numerous options and you don’t have to keep wrecking your brain. So are you really at a loss for a gift? Then the All-in-1 Choice Card comes to your rescue. With it you give her the option to choose from all gift cards on This will make even the woman who already seems to have everything happy!

10 funs gift ideas for women

Hurray for finding the most amazing gift ever! Whether you are looking for a delicious gift for a foodie, an energetic surprise for a sports queen or a glamourous gift for a style icon – with our ’10 fun gifts ideas for women’ you will always find the perfect gift. Ready, set, give!

Gift tips for foodies

Who doesn't enjoy good food? A culinary gift is the perfect way to spoil a foodie. Can't keep herself away from behind her kitchen island? Then a cooking workshop is a great way to introduce her to new tastes and cooking techniques. Or add a touch of extra spice to her kitchen. Choose a set of carefully crafted herbs and spices such as an exotic herb mix, truffle salt or hand-picked herbs.

Foodies who rather visit a restaurant will be pleasantly surprised with a culinary night on the town. From that authentic Italian around the corner to that one special tapas restaurant on the other side of the country: let her pick the perfect spot herself!

Gift tips for sports fans

Women who love an active lifestyle will be pleased with a sportive gift. A handy resistance belt, stylish yoga mat or even a compact home trainer – these gifts help her reach her fitness goals or further awaken her passion to move.

In addition, a stylish sports outfit should not be lacking either. Choose sports clothes that not only feel comfortable but also look cute. Those cycling pants in that cool colour or that pair of running shoes that go just as well underneath a pair of jeans for example. Whether she’s an avid runner, yoga fan or a fitness fanatic, with a Sports Direct Gift Card you can never go wrong!

Gift tips for businesswomen

For motivated women with a killer business instinct, practical and stylish gifts are the perfect choice. A beautiful laptop bag not only makes for a handy accessory, but also forms a stylish companion for her daily commute. Choose a design that reflects her personal style and offers enough space for her laptop and other work necessities. This way she can bring her loyal laptop everywhere she goes.

Another great idea is a classy notebook to add a touch of glamour to her working life. Choose one with an elegant design or personalised details. Whether she’s on her way to an important meeting or just attending to her daily to-do list, a beautiful notebook makes it even easier for her to write down her thoughts, notes and ideas.

Gift tips for style icons

Would you like to surprise a style icon? You can, with a unique designer piece that will level up her outfits. Whether you’re choosing a surprising purse or stylish sunglasses from a famous brand, you’re giving a bit of elegance. A soft shawl will also add a touch of chic to every outfit.

In addition, a timeless piece of jewellery forms a classic gift that will give a lasting impression. Consider an elegant necklace, delicate earrings, or a subtle bracelet. With it you give her something that suits every occasion and every outfit. And the best news? Thanks to a useful gift voucher like the H Samuel Gift Card you give her the freedom to choose her own favourite piece.

Gift tips for beauty lovers

Does she love experimenting with the latest beauty trends? Then luxury skin care products, a spa day or a make-up set are the ultimate way to make her shine. Facial masks, invigorating serums and moisturizing creams are the ingredients of a well-cared-for skin. Moreover, she can create a moment of wellness in her own home. The products of Lavish Spa & Beauty will make sure her daily beauty routines become special moments.

Although when it comes to pure relaxation, you can also find it away from home. Pamper her for an entire day with relaxing massages, refreshing facial treatments and other indulgences at one of the most beautiful wellness resorts in the UK. Goodbye daily hassle, hello peace and beauty!

Gift tips for readers

Is she having trouble putting her book away at night? Then make her happy with a fresh stack of reading pleasure. A book voucher is like a ticket to book paradise. With it you give her the freedom to choose her favourite books and to explore new literary worlds. Whether she likes romance novels, non-fiction, poetry or mystery, with a Book Voucher she embarks on her own reading adventure.

In addition to books you make a book lover happy with a beautiful bookmark, an original bookcase for her e-reader or even a brand new book cabinet from IKEA? The options are endless!

Gift tips for culture fanatics

Which woman are you going to make happy with tickets to a show of her favourite artist? You don’t even have to know which artists this actually is. No matter if she likes cabaret, dance, musical, theatre, ballet, pop music or opera, with a Theatre Gift Card she choose what she feels like seeing!

Or would you rather wander through new exhibitions together? From classic master pieces, modern installations to fascinating historical expositions, museum tickets promise an unforgettable experience.

Gift tips for yoga

Does the woman you want to surprise always talk about the downward-facing dog, warrior I or tree pose? Then surprise her with a new yoga mat with a beautiful design that feels comfortable during her many yoga sessions. This will make the quest for inner peace and strength even easier!

Other gift tips are a set of calming scented candles with calming scents like lavender, eucalyptus or sandalwood for a whisper of serenity during meditation moments. Or a handy subscription to a yoga app to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation every day.

Gift tips for travellers

Women who love to explore the world will love to be surprised with a travel gift voucher they can use to book their next dream destination with. Whether it’s lavish palaces and mysterious souks in Morocco or rather bubbling geysers and the magical Northern lights in Iceland. Our All-in-1 Gift for Travel offers a world of possibilities!

In addition, useful travel items also make great gifts for adventurous women. Think of a comfortable travel pillow to make that long flight that more comfortable or a nice travel case to explore faraway countries in style.

Gift tips for party queens

Is the woman you want to surprise a real party queen? Then you're looking for a gift that will only add to the party vibe. A portable speaker is like a dance floor in a box. Choose a powerful speaker that allows her to play her favourite music anywhere. Whether it's a picnic in the park, a beach party or just a dance party in the living room, a portable speaker will turn any place into a dance floor.

Of give her tickets to an exclusive event like a concert, club night or a festival. Unforgettable night of fun? Coming right up!

With these original gift ideas you are assured of the perfect surprise, regardless of whether you are celebrating a woman in her thriving thirties, fabulous forties, or stylish sixties. Let yourself be guided by her interests and choose a gift that’ll make her heart beat faster. So, go for it and put that smile on her and your face: always happy to surprise!