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Beauty Gift Cards

Beauty Gift Cards – a happy surprise for great people

Everyone loves beauty and wellness. Is there anything better than the pure joy of a beauty gift card or spa gift voucher?

The beauty of a beauty gift card

Does your auntie urgently need a make-over? Is your friend aching for a new look? Or is your brother a full-blown fan of a specific beauty brand? Then you have your task cut out for you. Surprise them with a beauty gift card or a spa gift voucher and help them on their way. Happiness guaranteed. You can’t just give them make-up or hair products. After all, you can’t decide for them which colours, treatments, creams or lotions they need and like. Or you would have to ask them what they use or what they would like, which would ruin the whole surprise. It might even offend them: “Hey auntie Liz, your hair is a total disaster. You need help.” So if you’re looking to buy actual products, beauty is a no-go area. You are smarter than that - you give them a beauty gift card!

What a beauty gift card or spa gift voucher can do

A beauty gift card stands for:

  • Many hours of shameless browsing and exploring beauty brands and sites.
  • Finally indulging in dreamed-of products.
  • Encouragement to buy something completely new.

How to give someone a beauty gift card

Perhaps you are feeling a bit nervous about giving your mother or business relation a beauty gift card. What if you said something wrong, like “You really need a full beauty treatment”, even if you meant it in the best possible way? The solution is as easy as it is effective. The key word is ‘preparation’. Before giving the beauty gift card, reflect on the occasion and the recipient. Why are you giving this person a beauty gift card?

Link the beauty gift card to a positive message

Are you giving the beauty gift card because the recipient simply is a beauty fan? Because they work out five times a week and pay a great deal of attention to their appearance? Because they are lovely and use products only to look even better? Then just say so. It cannot possibly offend them. Are you giving someone a spa gift voucher because they lost 40 pounds? Because they were very ill, depressed, got divorced, had therapy or were in the hospital for some time, and are now ready to embrace life again? Then say it. Tell them you are proud of them and wish them the very best. That they deserve a special treat. That you want to pamper them with some amazing beauty products that will enhance the good vibe. That cannot possible offend them either. If there is another reason why you are giving someone a beauty gift card, think about that reason and work out a positive and enthusiastic message that will cause a spark. After all, a beauty gift card stands for a great surprise & instant happiness.