Clarks Gift Card

Clarks Gift Card

  • Valid for two years after purchase

  • Step into comfort and style with the Clarks gift card

  • Clarks is one of the leading shoe brands in the UK for over 60 years

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Does your loved one love stylish, comfortable footwear? Then Clarks has them covered! And with Clarks gift cards, there's no more guesswork when you want to give the best gift. Perfect for men and women who want to look great and feel even better, a Clarks gift card will let them pick out anything from shoes and boots to shoe care accessories. Order now on!

Frequently asked questions

Can you use Clarks gift card online?

At the moment it isn't possible to redeem your Clarks Gift Card online.

Where can I buy a Clarks gift card?

Buy your Clarks Gift Card at

Does Clarks do gift cards?

Yes, Clarks offers gift cards – the perfect choice for gifting quality footwear and accessories. Buy yours at

How to use gift cards on Clarks?

To use your Clarks gift card, simply shop for your favourite footwear and accessories on their website, and during checkout, enter the gift card code to redeem its value.


Clarks gift cards are the perfect way to give your loved ones timeless style for any occasion. With this gift voucher, your recipient can go on an endless shopping spree. Whether they're searching for something classic or trendy, Clarks will have it. From traditional black leather Chelsea boots to colourful wellies, every pair of Clarks shoes has one thing in common — they're made from high-quality materials, which are built to last. Ready to turn your loved one into a stylish friend? Just load your gift card with a balance between £5 and £500 to ensure they experience easy shopping excitement! What's more, Clarks gift cards also come with quick delivery and e-card options, so you can always order a last-minute present with ease.

As one of the leading shoe brands in the UK for over 60 years, Clarks is known for its many classic designs, innovative spirit and high-quality footwear. They provide shoes that are made to last, which is particularly important if you're always on the go. With everything from boots and slip-on shoes to heels and brogues available, there's no reason not to make the most of your day by heading out in style after work. With beautiful collections, like the Originals range, plus petite styles and shoes specially designed for babies' feet, Clarks truly is fashion made easy. So what are you waiting for now? Go on and give yourself some freedom with Clarks gift cards today!