Global Giving Digital Gift Card

Global Giving Digital Gift Card

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Global Giving gift cards make great presents for birthdays, Christmas and more. Send a life-saving gesture with a choice of grassroots charity campaigns to get behind. They are the perfect choice for ethical giftees wanting to make a difference in their community or internationally. Order now on!


Gift card recipients can use their Global Giving gift cards to donate to countless charitable projects. From education and development to conservation and emergency response, they can donate precisely where it’s needed. They can receive their gift in a matter of minutes and redeem their card online. Once they’ve redeemed their card, they can pick exactly where the donation is sent. Aside from choosing the right project to donate to, they’ll receive regular updates about the campaign’s current progress. That way, they’ll feel the true impact of your shared generosity long after making their donation. Want to give the gift of giving for the holiday season or another special occasion? Just top up an e-card today, so your friend can donate as much as they’d like and to whatever project they want.

Choosing the right gift can be difficult. For those who like to make a change, a Global Giving card is perfect. You can gift your friend or loved one with an ethical choice, with thousands of charitable endeavours to choose from. Unlike other charities, Global Giving works with world-reaching non-profit organisations and local community projects. If you want to make sure your gift goes to good use, load up a Global Giving gift card from £5 to £150. Global Giving ensures that local projects receive access to the right tools, training and support. With a gift card, you can give your giftee the satisfaction of knowing they’re donating right where it’s needed. You can also choose from many designs for your e-gift, ranging from special birthday messages to seasonal greetings.