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Is your special someone always talking about how they want to help the environment? Well, why not get them a gift that will actually make a difference? With a The Future Forest gift card, they can sponsor a tree to be planted right here in the UK. Order now on!

The Future Forest Company

The world is a green and pleasant land, but sadly our trees are under threat. Deforestation is alarming, with an estimated 15 billion trees being chopped down each year. The loss of trees has a devastating impact on our environment, contributing to climate change, soil erosion and wildlife decline. Therefore, reforestation is essential to the health of our planet. Every tree planted by The Future Forest Company helps offset carbon emissions, restore habitat for wildlife and improve the quality of the air we breathe. By investing in The Future Forest Company, you are helping create a greener and more sustainable future for us all. Get yourself a The Future Forest gift card and do your bit to help combat climate change!

With The Future Forest gift cards, you can give the gift of life! Your lucky recipients can use these cards to sponsor trees, which help fight climate change starting right here in the UK. Each tree planted comes with a digital tree certificate, complete with a photo of the sapling. The recipients also receive GPS coordinates to go and visit the site where the tree is planted and see the results of their contribution firsthand! The Future Forest Company's expert forestry teams will help your recipients choose the right tree mix for every site based on soil type and other factors. Gift cards are only available online as e-vouchers – not physical copies. You may select any value between £5 and £50.