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Nicholson's Gift Cards

  • Valid for one year after activation

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Is your loved one looking for a pub that's steeped in history and tradition? Then Nicholson's is the place to be! And with a Nicholson's gift card, you can rest assured that you've gifted the best present. Perfect for family and friends who love sharing intimate meals, a gift card will let them enjoy a pint in traditional alehouses surrounded by good food and relaxing music. Order now on!l

Frequently asked questions

Is my Nicholson's gift card still valid?

To check the validity of your Nicholson gift card please visit the Show My Balance website.

How to activate asda gift card?

To utilize a gift card, input the 16-digit card number and the 4-digit PIN at the checkout screen, then click on "Add" to view the balance. Keep in mind that your gift card information is not saved in your online account. Therefore, every time you make an order, you must add the desired gift card amount.

Where can I use my Nicholson's gift card?

You can use your Nicholson Gift Card at one of the many Nicholson's pub locations all over the UK.

How to redeem my Nicholson's gift card?

Once you have purchased your Nicholson's gift Card you can redeem it at one of the many Nicholson's locations all over the UK.


What would be the perfect present for the Nicholson's pub-loving foodie in your life? A gift card! Squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of their birthday, graduation, or whatever occasion with Nicholson's gift cards. A gift card gives them the freedom to create their own fantastic night out and make memories that will last a lifetime. They can spend it on anything from top-quality craft beer and wine to tasty evening meals and sports games at the bar. Just load a gift card with between £10 and £150 and know you've invested in something they'll treasure. Even better, gift cards come with fast delivery and e-card options, so you can always order that last-minute present with ease.

Nicholson's Pubs are the quintessentially British tradition, dating back as far as 1873. These pubs were first opened by William Nicholson, who wanted to share his love for food and drinks with those around him. Today, Nicholson's Pubs stand out from the crowd with their warm and vibrant atmosphere slowly becoming rarer among modern-day pubs. There, you'll find a superb range of cask ales from breweries across England and quality pub fare that is thoughtful about what it contains. And as if delicious cocktails and savoury cheeseburgers aren't good enough reason to visit, then take a look inside. Here, you'll love their authentic wooden benches and cosy nooks, perfect for catching up with old friends.