Spotify Gift Card

Spotify Gift Card

  • Surprise the music lover with the Spotify Gift Card

  • Receive your digital gift card in your email within one hour!

  • Available to order in fixed amounts of £10, £30 and £60

  • Valid up to 2 years after issuing

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Give the gift of non-stop music with a Spotify Gift Card! Perfect for music lovers, this card lets the recipient enjoy millions of songs, playlists, and podcasts without interruption. Whether they're into pop, rock, or chill vibes, a Spotify Gift Card will let the recipient indulge in their ultimate audio experience. No more ads, just pure music bliss. Get ready to press play on the perfect present! It makes for a great gift for any occasion, guaranteed to hit the right note.

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the Spotify Gift Card?

To use the Spotify Gift Card, go to and sign in with the Spotify account you would like your premium to go on. Enter the PIN code that you can find on the back of your gift card at ‘Enter your premium code’ and click ‘Redeem code.’ Your gift card has now been activated and is ready to be used for purchases.

How can I use the Spotify Gift Card online?

In order to redeem the Spotify Gift Card, you must have or register for a Spotify account in the country where the card was purchased.

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter the code from the back of the gift card. Tip: To reveal the code, we'd recommend using a coin or card to gently scratch off the PIN cover.
  3. Click ‘Redeem.’

How long do Spotify Gift Cards last?

This gift card can be spent up to 2 years from the date of issuing. It can only be spent online through the website or in the app.

Benefits of the Spotify Premium Gift Card

A Spotify Premium Gift Card is more than just a present; it's an all-access pass to music heaven. With this gift card, the lucky recipient can enjoy ad-free listening, unlimited skips, and the ability to download their favourite tracks for offline listening.

No more annoying ads interrupting their groove! Plus, Spotify Premium offers a higher sound quality, making every beat and lyric crystal clear. It's perfect for road trips, workouts, or just chilling at home. Give the gift of uninterrupted music joy with a Spotify Premium Gift Card – it's a winner for any music enthusiast!

What is the Spotify Gift Card?

Looking for the perfect way to surprise the music fanatics among your loved ones and friends with the gift of music? Surprise them with the Spotify voucher! This pre-paid gift card is the gift of music that lets the recipient enjoy Spotify Premium.

All they have to do is redeem the card's code, and voilà – instant access to a multitude of songs, playlists, and the latest podcasts. Whether they want to rock out to the latest Taylor Swift album, dive into curated 80s playlists, or explore new crime podcasts, this gift card covers it all. It's the easiest way to give someone the ultimate Spotify experience with pure musical joy!

Perfect occasions for the Spotify card

A Spotify voucher is the ultimate gift for any music lover and fits perfectly for various occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are just the beginning – it’s also an ideal present for graduations, as a thank-you gift, or even just because.

Is the recipient not only a music but also a movie or theatre enthusiast? Pair it with one of our Theatre and Cinema Gift Cards for a complete entertainment package. Whether it’s for a friend’s housewarming party, a colleague’s farewell, or just to brighten someone’s day, the Spotify card hits all the right notes. No matter the celebration, this gift will have everyone singing your praises!