From DIY-gift to garden fun: these gifts will make every DIYer happy

22 February 2024

For a DIYer nothing is more fun than starting a new project in their home or garden. But what do you give someone who likes gardening or doing chores? From tools and materials to plants and garden decoration and from small garden projects to big renovations: thanks to the right DIY gift like a Halfords gift card or a Home and Garden gift card you make the DIYer in your life incredibly happy! Whether you would like to surprise him or her with a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, a housewarming gift or something else: discover the very best gift tips for a DIYer below.

Halfords gift card: for bike and car DIY enthusiasts

The Halfords gift card is the perfect gift for the real handyman! This gift card can be exchanged at all Halfords locations, but it can also easily be spent online in the web shop. Whether your favourite handyman needs accessories or spare parts for their bicycle or car, the Halfords gift card has got you covered!

This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to roll up their sleeves. With this gift card you give handy persons the freedom to choose from an extensive offer of products and part for every car or bicycle project. From upgrading your old bicycle to shopping spare parts for your mountain bike, or perhaps your car could use some new accessories? The options are endless! With the Halfords gift card, the DIYer in your life can immediately start his or her next project. No matter how big or small.

The All-in-1 choice for home and garden: the DIY gift card for every occasion

You’re looking for a gift for a DIYer! No matter if you’re looking to surprise someone who’s celebrating their birthday, has just bought a new home, has announced a pregnancy or landed a promotion at work: the All-in-1 Choice for Home and Garden gift card makes every DIYer happy.

As a birthday gift, a DIYer can expand his or her collection of building materials to his or her heart's content, while someone who has just bought his or her own home can choose from numerous items to brighten up their new place with a lick of paint or new wallpaper. Someone expecting a baby can go all out with decorating the baby's room and a job promotion can be celebrated with upgrading the office space. For a do-it-yourselfer, there is always a fun chore to be found that can be done with love! This makes a DIY gift card the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The National Garden Gift Card: for the DIYer with green thumbs

A do-it-yourselfer who can mostly be found in the garden. Surprise them with a National Garden Gift Card. The latest garden gadgets, robust garden furniture, the best garden products... Let the lucky gardener choose from numerous items to further brighten up their beloved green oasis. 

From carefully planting a flowering shrub that will bring colour in every season, to constructing a brand-new patio that serves as the perfect retreat for relaxation, or even refurbishing a weathered gazebo into a charming garden hideaway, the possibilities with this gift card are endless. It’s an invitation to finally realise dreams and plans that might have been on the shelf for a long time. 

With this gift, you not only give the materials and tools that are needed, but also the starting signal for the realisation of garden chores. Wanna bet that this will make anyone with green thumbs incredibly happy?

Fancy making a valuable contribution to any handyman's toolbox? Whether it's a small home refurbishment, a little project in the garden or major renovation work, home and garden gift cards are the perfect gift for a DIYer! Whether you opt for a Halford's gift card, National Garden GIft or another gift card, you’re always contributing to the realisation of a dream project and making a home or garden more beautiful. Something that makes these gift cards just incredibly nice to give. Happy to surprise!