Score with the perfect gift: this is what you give a football fan

22 February 2024

Football unites millions of people. From little kids with big dreams on the football field around the corner, to world-famous stars who let us enjoy the most amazing performances. Whether you play football yourself, or support your own favourite team every week, football is often so much more than just a hobby, it’s a passion. Would you like to surprise the football supporter in your life with a great gift? But do you have no idea what to give them? Don’t panic. Below we’re sharing the perfect gifts for football fans!

Football merchandise

No matter if you want to wish your brother a happy birthday or would like to bring out a toast to that well-deserved promotion of a colleague or want to thank a friend for all her support: the best gifts are personal gifts. And the way to make a football supporter instantly happy? With an experience gift card of course. From an exiting Premier League match to merchandise of the favourite team or another unforgettable football experience: this gift will always make you score!

For every football fan

Are you done wrecking your brain about which football team your best friend, dad, mum, neighbour, colleague or partner is rooting for now? Thanks to the sports gift card they can choose for themselves which football kit they proudly want to walk around in during match days! For extra convenience you can easily order this gift card online. Seeking a last-minute gift card? No problemo!

The best merchandise

A sports gift card is always great to give and to receive. It offers every football supporter the chance to choose their own gift. Because let’s face it, what is more fun than going all out in choosing the merchandise of your favourite Premier League club? 

Football gift card for a football experience

You can opt to bring football even closer! Make a sports fan happy with a ticket for a legendary football experience. Wanna bet that your gift will be discussed until long after the event itself? Take it from us, a football gift card is everything the sports fan in your life desires.

Virgin Experience Days – Football Stadium Tours

With the Virgin Experience Days gift card you give a football fan the freedom to pick their favourite stadium tour from a selection of 66 different tours. Choose a tour for one, for two of go for the family tour and let the entire family join in the football fun. Some tours even include a meet & greet, skywalk, dinner, or a Matchday Experience. Fantastic, right? Order this experience gift card and make someone happy with a great football experience!

Ticketmaster – National & International Football Matches

Or surprise a football fan with a Ticketmaster gift card! With this gift card you can for example give someone 2 tickets for a national or international football match. Choose from numerous high- profile football clubs. Let them attend an exciting worldclass match in the stadium. Cheer on their favourite club, feel the vibes, the atmosphere and indulge in the match of the day. No doubt this will be an event that will be remembered for a long time to come!

Arsenal football club gift card

Arsenal supporters will be jumping for joy with the Arsenal football club gift card. This football gift card gives the happy receiver a choice of club gear for kids and adults, replicas, footballs, and other Arsenal branded items. The Arsenal gift card can be spent both in the Arsenal FC store, in the stadium or online! Who will you surprise with this perfect gift card for Arsenal supporters?

Football clothes and sports shoes

And how about football fans who prefer to run around the field themselves? They will be happy with the right football clothes and football shoes. A proper football kit is crucial to get the best out of yourself. So, it’s high time for a gift that combines style with performance! 

Comfortable sports clothes

Proper sports clothes breathe, remove sweat, and offers enough space to move to take that one penalty with full conviction or to keep the ball out of the goal at the height of the game. High-quality sports shirts, shorts and socks are essential in this. Do you have no idea what to buy? A gift card like the Sports Direct Gift Card or the Nike gift card comes to your rescue!

New football shoes

Football shoes are an important part of every footballer's equipment. Although, of course, every athlete has their own style of play, type of field they prefer to play on, and a distinct personal style. As a result, it’s not always easy to buy a pair of good football shoes yourself. With a Decathlon Gift Voucher, the footballer or football star in your life can choose footwear with the perfect fit, grip and stability.
Whether you choose a pair of new football shoes to become the star of the pitch, or a football gift card for the match of the year, thanks to this inspiration list you will make every football fan enjoy their gift! Happy to surprise!