Gift for a housewarming? Discover these 5 fun tips!

15 February 2024

Do you have a housewarming of family or friends coming up? And are you eagerly looking forward to celebrating their new home with them? Great! Now all you need is a fun housewarming gift. Are you desperately looking to get ideas? Don’t let the lack of gift inspiration spoil all the fun, because in this article we’re sharing 7 fun and original housewarming gifts with you. That way you won’t have to show up empty-handed and you can enjoy the party to the fullest!

Tip 1: A personalised gift

One of the best ideas for a housewarming gift is something that fits the new house of your family or friend(s). Bonus points if the gift is personalised as well! How about a welcome sign, designed by the recipient(s) themselves? That way they’ll have a gift that can be attached to the front door or in the hall immediately!

Besides, a home doesn’t become a real home until it’s decorated. With a personalized artwork like a self-made painting, a framed picture, or a keepsake of a great memory you provide their home with a unique, personal touch. Are you having difficulties judging which memory is the most precious one? Give a M&S Gift Card. With it, the person who has recently moved house, can really turn their house into a home with personal great home accessories.

Tip 2: High-quality kitchen utensils

Not a single home is complete without a well-equipped kitchen. Therefore, the perfect housewarming gift can be as beautiful as it is practical. Think for example of an impressive chef’s knife, a set of pans or a firm cutting board. In addition, high-quality kitchen utensils in are durable and last for years. They could serve as a memento of the housewarming!

If you are not sure which kitchen items your party-people still need, then consider giving them a All-in-1 Choice for Home & Garden which among others can be used to shop at H&M Home. That way they can choose from the vast product range themselves. From trendy tableware to decorative table linen… There’s always something to brighten up your kitchen with.

Tip 3: Plants and flowers

Time for a classic! Plants and flowers are always a great idea for a housewarming. They add colour and life to the new space and create a warm welcome. Therefore consider bringing a beautiful pot plant or a fresh flower bouquet to the housewarming.

Tip 4: Gift voucher for a local restaurant

Would you rather choose a fun housewarming gift for foodies? Then a gift voucher for a local restaurant will go a long way. It’s the perfect way to let the new residents explore their new neighbourhood and end with a lovely meal.

Do you have no idea which restaurants are located in the vicinity of the new home? Then surprise them with the All-in-1 Choice for Dining! Namely with this culinary gift card, they can look for the perfect location and choose a date for a tasteful dinner themselves.

Tip 5: A basket full of delicacies

Of course you can also fill a basket with delicacies yourself. If you know what your friends or family love, you can easily play into that. How about a basket full of gourmet cheeses for foodies? Or a basket filled with wonderful wines or beers of character as a housewarming gift for men? And one stuffed with artisanal chocolate and delicious candy for women? Or vice versa of course!

Since you fill the basket completely to the likings of the receiver, this housewarming gift is a guaranteed success. What really should not be lacking? A gift voucher that suits the receiver. Whether it’s a gift card voucher from Caffe Nero for those who love coffee or a Laithwaites Wine gift card for the sommelier at home.

Tip 6: Interior items

When you think of a home, you think of… the interior. Therefore, make the residents of the new property happy with a Homesense Gift Card! From complete sofa sets to a luxe lamp for the living room: this gift card is the perfect housewarming gift.

Another safe gift idea for fans of interior and design is a Harrods Gift Card. Thanks to this gift card you save yourself a lot of choice stress. The receiver can choose what would fit in heir interior themselves and decorate their new place to their heart’s content. Win-win!

Tip 7: Help around the house

Another unique housewarming gift idea is to offer help around the house. You can make this as wide or as specific as you wish. Offer to help paint a room or hang up photo frames for example. And how about assembling an IKEA PAX cabinet, purchased with an IKEA gift voucher?

In short, no doubt that with these gift ideas for a housewarming you will make your friends and family happy! Whether you just want to give them something fun or if you’re specifically looking for a housewarming gift for men, women, foodies… As long as the gift suits the person you are giving it to, it will be a guaranteed success!