Getting away together: the best gifts to surprise your loved one with

19 February 2024

What is more fun than spending time together with your love? Especially when you both have busy schedules: from spending hours in traffic on the way to school or work, to queuing at the supermarket and coming home to start dinner or answering a quick email. You’re craving peace and quiet, a lovely getaway together. From a romantic dinner together with a restaurant gift card to visiting the theatre with a Theatre Gift card or a voucher for an overnight stay. Quality time is just around the corner. Below we’re sharing our best gift tips to please your loved one and of course also yourself with!

Gift cards for dining out: a culinary gift

Pull your best outfit out of the closet, there’s a romantic dinner coming up! Surprise your loved one with a dinner voucher so you can visit your favourite restaurant together or go and discover new flavours together. Think of an authentic Japanese sushi experience, the rich tastes of an Indian curry restaurant or the spicy and aromatic meals from the Thai cuisine. Instant joy for the true foodie!

No matter if you feel like going out to a luxury dinner or rather visit a cosy bistro: a dining out gift card is always a success. From the All-in-1 Choice for dinner to the You Choose Food & Drink, the dining out gift cards make for a perfect birthday gift, a gift to celebrate your anniversary with or just to plan a loving date night. Good food in the very best company? Check! This is a gift that will definitely be to your loved one’s taste.

Gift card day trip: enjoying a day out together

Leave the hustle and bustle of the everyday behind and arrange a sauna day or a day trip. With a gift card for a spa day you step into carefree surroundings. From an authentic Finnish sauna with natural elements like wood and stones, to the trendiest spa resorts with hypermodern hydrotherapy baths, saltwater swimming pools, aromatherapy, and a wide range of specialised treatments. Here, all worries will melt away like snow in the sun and you’ll enjoy an oasis of tranquillity.

With your gift card, choose from the many options near you or far away. Lean back, let the warmth hug you like a comfortable blanket and leave feeling completely reborn! PS: Could you use some more inspiration? Would you like more to choose from? Check out our complete offer of gift cards for spa and wellness lovers.

Or go out for a fun day together. With the Virgin Experience Days gift card for example, you can give someone a great cinema experience. Snuggle up against each other, share a cup of popcorn and enjoy the latest movie. Whether you choose an exciting thriller or a romantic comedy. No doubt you will have a fantastic movie night together.

Travel gift: a weekend getaway

Travelling together also creates memories that last. The perfect gift for your loved one thus is a voucher for a weekend getaway. Whether you want to explore your own country further or aiming for the rest of the world, there’s something for everyone. From a trendy city break in a boutique hotel or an abandoned cabin amid nature and a cosy bed & breakfast in the countryside. In addition you can also book an amazing breakfast. Enjoy crunchy croissants with a view of the Eifel tower or taste freshly pressed juice overlooking the calming waves of the sea.

With a gift card for a weekend getaway, you give much more than just a short vacation, it is the way to share new experiences together. From tasting local delicacies to exploring historical sites or immersing yourself in the serenity of nature with its gorgeous views.

Or spoil your loved one and yourself with a real luxury overnight stay. Can you hear the bubble bath bubbling already? Pop a bottle of champaign and you’re all set for a highly deserved moment of enjoying each other. Cheers!

The gift cards for unforgettable moments together

The perfect gift card gives you the opportunity to spend time together with your loved one and create new memories. Whether you choose a voucher for a lovely dinner in a romantic setting, or a sauna day to completely unwind: let your loved one know that you want to spend time together.

Moreover, the choice of gift cards is so elaborate that you’ll always find something that suits your love perfectly. Relaxing or rather adventurous, to go out to dinner or just snuggled up together in the cinema,... Your gift card for your love will be the beginning of an unforgettable moment for two!