Sports fan’s birthday? Discover the 7 best gifts for sportspersons

19 February 2024

You’re looking for a fantastic birthday gift for a sportsperson? It’s just that… what do you give someone who often practices sports? Perhaps you’re looking for a fun gift for someone who’s ferociously training for a marathon, for someone who seems to be born with football shoes on or for someone who cannot seem to get out of the gym. Whichever sports enthusiast in your life you would like to surprise, thanks to our 7 gift tips for sportspersons, you will surely make them happy. Ready? Set? Go!

Sports gift 1: a pair of proper sports shoes

Practicing sports starts with a successful sports outfit. Whether your loved one wants to start running, visit the gym, play basketball, dance or practice football, a pair of firm sports shoes makes a world of difference. Because comfortable footwear helps improve the sports performance and makes every workout more effective and more fun. Are you having trouble choosing from the huge offer of running shoes and trainers? Or do you not know the shoe size of your loved one? Then an Adidas gift card comes in handy!

These trainers have been specially designed with innovative technologies, for top performances in the field of sports. It almost makes you want to go out and practice sports yourself!

Sports gift 2: a smartwatch

A smartwatch makes for the perfect sports gift! This stunning piece of technology not only tells you what time it is, but also offers a complete insight into every sports practice. From counting steps to advanced features like pulse measurement, GPS tracking and elaborate registrations of all activities. Monitoring sports performances has never been this easy. Perfect to accompany the seasoned athlete with during the most challenging sports adventures.

But also for novice sportspersons, a smartwatch is a great gift tip! It’s like a personal coach you can wear around your wrist. Always ready to motivate you, even on days that you don’t feel like exercising at all. Who in your circle will you make happy with this smart sports accessory?

Sports gift 3: high-quality sports clothes

Whether it’s running shirts, yoga pants or a new sports bra, a sportsperson can never have enough sports clothes. Look for sports clothes with high-quality, breathing fabrics and a stylish look.

No idea where to begin? With a Decathlon gift card your loved one can go sportive shopping themselves and start looking for a running kit with a sleek design, a reflective sweater to hit the road after sunset as well or a lovely comfortable Pilates pants in a stretch fabric. Or go for the Sports Direct gift card. An extensive selection of well-known sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma? Check!

Sports gift 4: wireless earbuds

Music is a great companion during exercise. It’s the perfect energy boost to run that extra mile or to hold on to during that very last gym exercise. Thanks to a couple of up-tempo beats in the ears, every novice or experienced sportsperson can optimally focus on their workout. And what better way to do that than with wireless earbuds? Thank to sweat resistant features and a perfect fit they stay in place even during the most intense sports sessions.

Sports gift 5: a sports subscription

After all that exercise it’s time for relaxation! During a lovely sports massage, tense muscles are loosened again. Here you delve into a world in which your tired muscles can be pampered and where you can reward yourself for your hard work in the gym. Enjoy a targeted and thorough deep tissue massage, a powerful stretching massage or perhaps a more relaxing hot stone massage.

Ready to reduce muscle ache and to enhance the body’s recovery? No matter if you want to pamper a novice or a frequent sportsperson, a sports massage is always a success!

Sports gift 7: a sports accessory

Every sportsperson has a wish list of sport items they would like to have, or that would make their sports life a lot more pleasant. And if you say sportive gift, then the All-in-1 Choice Gift Card will let you choose from the broadest range of brands in sports items. It doesn’t matter which sportsperson you would like to surprise, with this gift card your loved one can just as easily buy extra tennis balls, a new cycling kit or a proper hockey stick.

Whichever of these 7 gift ideas you choose, you will undoubtedly bring a big smile on the face of the birthday sportsperson! And what is more fun than giving someone a great gift. Happy to surprise!