The 6 best gifts for a bookworm

19 February 2024

You’re looking for a gift for a true bookworm. But what could you surprise them with? Of course you don’t want to show up with the wrong book. Or with a book that’s already in their bookcase. Then a nice book gift card or an original reading accessory will come in handy! The options are endless: from a useful reading lamp to a stylish bookmark. There’s an original book gift for everyone. Ready to instantly make the book lover in your life happy?

Book gift 1: a book voucher for magazines or paperbacks

What to get a book lover? Well… books of course! Only, books are just as clothes, not everyone has the same style. Would you like to surprise a feelgood reader? Or make a suspense fan happy? Is their bookcase filled with crime stories? Or do their bookshelves bend with all the graphic and literary novels? Luckily, a book voucher will solve all of these cares for you! With a book gift card, bookworms can choose for themselves which books will give them sleepless nights… just one more chapter before sleep? The answer is always yes!

Is your beloved reading enthusiast more occupied with magazines? Then a magazine gift card is the perfect surprise! Spending a magazine voucher for many reading enthusiasts feels like being a kid in a candy store… wanna bet that their eyes will immediately start to sparkle?

Book gift 2: a personal bookmark

Bookworms are spotted holding a book more often than not. They turn page after page until suddenly it’s time to go to work or school again. Then a bookmark definitely comes in handy, so they know where in the book they stopped reading! Therefore, a personal bookmark is the perfect gift for making a true book lover happy. It not only looks beautiful, but in addition, they’ll think of you every time they use the bookmark.

If you’re a bit creative you can make a bookmark yourself. Think for example of a beautiful photo collage or make a bookmark with dried flowers or create a crocheted bookmark. Of course you can also look for a personal bookmark with a nice quote or in a funny shape. No idea what to choose? Then a Harrods gift card will come in handy!

Book gift 3: a comfortable reading spot

Every bookworm needs a favourite reading spot. A place where they can dream away and completely immerse themselves in the most amazing stories. Because what is more lovely than cuddling up in a comfortable seat with a great book in your hands? Give them some soft pillows that they can use to create an oasis of peace with. Or give them a gift card, so your loved one can choose from the best interior items themselves and decorate their reading spot exactly to their liking. Hours of reading fun? Check!

Book gift 4: a proper reading lamp

Another must-have for a bookworm? A proper reading lamp for undisturbed reading even at night. Moreover, it’s a stylish addition to any interior. Functional and beautiful? Sounds like the perfect gift! Whether you choose an elegant floor lamp to brighten up a room with or a handy clip-on lamp for books, thanks to a proper reading lamp bookworms can avoid tired eyes. And they can keep reading longer. Sounds perfect, right?

Book gift 5: a convenient bookcase

For bookworms there’s no such thing as not enough books, but bookcases? That’s a whole different story. Surprise the booklover in your life with extra space. With the bookcases and bookshelves of Ikea, every book lover will create their own library in a flash. Go for the BILLY bookcase for example. It’s available in all sizes, from small to a complete book wall. Or choose a bookcase that you’re loved one can use as a room divider.

Would you rather give the freedom to choose? With the Ikea gift card, every bookworm can play with colour and turn their bookcase or bookshelf into the eyecatcher in their interior.

Book gift 6: A cinema voucher for book adaptations

What book lover doesn’t want to see their favourite book come to life on the silver screen? A voucher for a cinema visit is the perfect gift for surprising a bookworm. Whether they want to go see an epic fantasy story, the latest young adult romance novel or rather watch a captivating literary adaption of their favourite author, a movie voucher opens the door to a whole new world.

Whether you choose a book voucher or a fun reading accessory, these gift tips are sure to make any bookworm happy! And yourself, because surprising someone with a nice gift is one of the very best feelings in life... Happy to surprise!