Celebrating a wedding anniversary? These are the best gifts!

15 February 2024

A wedding anniversary is the perfect moment to celebrate love. Whether it’s a paper, cotton, wooden, ruby, or silver wedding anniversary: it’s all about sharing important moments together. And what could be more beautiful than to celebrate this special moment with a suitable gift? Of course we know that it can be tricky to find the perfect gift that says ‘congratulations on your wedding anniversary for friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours. Or perhaps you are celebrating your own wedding anniversary and are still looking for something to surprise your partner with.

Are you lacking inspiration? No worries! No matter who you’re searching a wedding anniversary gift for, thanks to our gift tips you can make the memories of this unforgettable day even more special.

What is the perfect wedding anniversary gift?

With a wedding anniversary couples annually commemorate the date on which they tied the knot. It’s a day of love. For each other. For the people they want to celebrate this special day with. This is exactly why it’s even more special if you choose a suitable wedding anniversary gift. Is it a young marriage? Or one that has undergone its share of years and storms? Is it a paper wedding anniversary? Or a ruby or silver wedding anniversary? Based on that you can choose a suitable gift that forms a nod to the number of wedding years. Whether it’s for your own wedding anniversary or someone else’s.

Cotton wedding anniversary

Hurray! The first year of marriage went more than smoothly. So it is time to celebrate a cotton wedding anniversary. In it, cotton symbolises tenderness, care, and the starting phase of a long relationship. Some great tips for a gift for a cotton wedding anniversary are:

. Cotton of course! Think of cotton bed linen, personalised towels, or matching pyjamas with the couple’s initials. Are you in doubt as to what they need? With a Harrods Gift Card, you are assured of a suitable gift!

. A romantic getaway is always a good idea. Plan a trip to where they first met. Or book a romantic overnight stay to make memories.

Gift for a paper wedding anniversary

And there’s marriage year number two! A fun gift for a paper wedding anniversary is one that represents the ‘blank pages’ and the many adventures that are still to come. Think for example of:

. Paper flowers. Give a handmade bouquet of paper flowers. These will flourish forever and make for a beautiful keepsake.

. A book with an epic love story. Buy a romantic book and write one of your favourite wedding anniversary poems or a wedding anniversary text you’ve written yourself on the first page. This immediately provides a personal touch to your gift.

. Paper gift cards. With this gift, you can really go all ways! Think for example of tickets for a theatre show which you know they’ll enjoy.

Gift for a wooden wedding anniversary

Five years of marriage, a marriage that’s starting to count! Just like a tree, after all these years the marriage starts to grow firm roots. The wood symbolises durability and growth, two key words you can also include in your wedding anniversary gift. A suitable gift for a wooden wedding anniversary is:

. A wooden photo album. Extra great if you fill this album with beautiful pictures and memories of the past five years.

. A weekend of camping. If you think of wood, you of course think of… nature! Let the couple celebrate their anniversary with a camping holiday, surrounded by trees, rippling brooks, and singing birds.

. An olive tree or ficus plant. Of course you can also give a small tree or plant that they can plant in their own garden. Especially when they have green thumbs. Don’t know what to choose? Then the Bloom & Wild gift card will come to your rescue.

Gift for a silver wedding anniversary

A quarter of a century, sounds impressive, right? That’s why a silver wedding anniversary deserves an equally impressive gift. The silver of the anniversary symbolises the long-lasting shine of love and the many years of dedication. A great gift for a silver wedding anniversary is:

. Silver jewellery: A popular gift for a silver wedding anniversary is a silver accessory like a bracelet or watch. Great for him and her.

. A trip: Surprise the couple with an All-in-1 Choice for Travel gift card. With it they can finally visit that travel destination that’s forever been on their bucket list.

Gift for a ruby wedding anniversary

Forty years together. The ruby red of this wedding anniversary reflects the many years of love and passion. It’s an intense colour that you can definitely use in a suitable gift for a ruby wedding anniversary:

. Ruby-red gifts: a ruby-red necklace, bracelet, tie clip or cufflinks are beautiful gifts. Just like a soft ruby-red blanket to crawl under together.

. Red wine collection. A wine cooler or wine bottle stopper is the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts. Add a selection of delicious red wines to it. Or, if you’re not sure whether they like white or red wine, surprise them with a Laithwaites Wine Gift Card so they can choose for themselves.

In short, a wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to honour the couple and to join them in celebrating their love for each other. Whether it's an early beginning or an impressive number of years together, the right gift only enhances this beautiful day . Choose something that suits the couple's personality and interests, possibly with a fun nod to the symbolism of their wedding anniversary. This way, you add a personal touch and show how much you care about them. In the end, that's the best gift of all.