The perfect gift to let your (female) teacher shine!

15 February 2024

A gift for a female teacher is the perfect way to show her how much she means to you or your child. Are you at a loss as to what to find her? Don’t panic! Especially for you we’ve lined up the best fun and creative gift ideas. Whether it’s for the end of the schoolyear, Teacher’s Day or a heartfelt ‘thank you’… we’ve found the perfect gift for every occasion. Ready to put a mesmerizing smile on your teacher's face?

A personalized gift for a (female) teacher

A personalized gift for the (female) teacher is full of meaning. It’s the perfect way to end the schoolyear with a bang. A personal gift for example, could be a personalized tea mug with an inspirational quote, or a fun picture of the entire class. That way with each sip, the teacher will remember her sweet students time and again. Is there room for a bit more? Then you could hide a great Choice gift card in the mug. Wrap it in festive paper, put a bow around it and Bob’s your uncle!

Or you can choose a funny gift like a ‘survival kit’ to put that smile on her face. The best thing about this gift is that you can choose what to put in it all by yourself! Think of all sorts of items a teacher might need to get through the day: from a sachet of the strongest coffee to start the school day with to a personalized notebook with her name on it that she can fill with ideas, inspiration, and memories of great moments in class. Because after all, every superhero needs a survival kit, right?

A festive gift for Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day: a magical day on which the kids get the chance to party with the whole school. Birthdays are always fun to celebrate, and children love to put the teacher in the spotlight for a change. And what makes a teacher happier than celebrating her birthday with all those happy faces? Whether it’s her exact birthday or a specially organized Teacher's Day, this day is all about celebrating together.

For this special day, during which the teacher is the centre of attention, the gift of course should be just as festive! A colourful bouquet, a box full of delicious chocolates or how about this All-in-1 Choice for Beauty & Spa gift card? All perfect to surprise your teacher with

A gift that says ‘thank you’

You’d like to show your gratitude to your teacher in a way that really moves her. But how exactly do you go about that? Our tip: A lovingly handwritten thank you note, signed by both you and your child, accompanied by a small gift like a colourful water bottle, a cute cookie jar or a handy mouse pad. A small gesture, but with a big effect.

Are you already stressed out from the idea of having to choose a gift for the teacher? We’ve got your back! Spoil her with the freedom to choose and give her a Waterstones Gift Card for a literary adventure or treat her to a dinner of choice. Goodbye doubts, hello super fun thank you gift!

Say goodbye to the teacher with an unforgettable memento

Whilst the goodbye is fast approaching, you are feverishly looking for a fun and unforgettable memento. A personalized photo album, filled with loving contributions from all students, or an artwork consisting of unique handprints of every child are not just any gifts; they are mementos that the teacher will cherish forever.

Another way to finish the end of the schoolyear in style, is a gift that honours the teacher. The end of the schoolyear deserves a special gift. Think of a bouquet of wild flowers, a relaxing experience or a thrilling experience. It’s a way to thank the teacher for all her hard work and dedication during the entire schoolyear.

In short, whether it’s the end of the schoolyear, teacher’s day or just a day to say, ‘thank you’, The most important thing is the sincerity of the gesture. By paying attention to the teacher's personal tastes and interests, you can choose a gift that really moves her. Show your appreciation and turn every moment with the teacher into an unforgettable memory. Because sometimes the greatest treasures lie in smallest gestures. A lovingly written card with heartfelt words, a green plant for in the classroom or a classy leather pencil case are not just simple gifts. They are gifts given with love that the teacher will cherish, AND that your child will undoubtedly enjoy giving her!