Gift tips man: 15 gifts you’ll be scoring points with

15 February 2024

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life can be quite the challenge. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend, a way to surprise your father or father-in-law or seeking a gift for a teacher, colleague, neighbour, or another special man in your life… We love to help you find a suitable gift for him. Thanks to our special inspiration list ‘gift tips man’ you choose the gift that suits his personality and the festive occasion. No doubt these will make you score points!

Gift idea 1: Technological gadgets

The ultimate gift for men who love technological innovations and the latest gadgets: the Argos Gift Card! With it, the receiver can indulge himself in a world of electronics and choose from a wide offer of possibilities exactly to their liking.

Whether he’s an avid sports enthusiast that wants to improve his workout with an advanced smartwatch, a music lover who nonstop wants to play his favourite playlist with wireless headphones or an enthusiastic photographer who wants to capture breathtaking images with a drone – with the Argos Gift Card he has an abundance of options.

For the hardcore gamer who always wants to stay up to date with the latest releases, a membership for a game subscription like the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now or LA Play is highly recommendable. That way you give them unlimited access to a library in which he can explore the latest games. Are you doubting whether he already has such a subscription? Then make him happy with an upgrade to the latest graphics card or console to up their gaming experience even more. That way, a virtual world really comes alive!

Gift idea 2: Subscription to a magazine or newspaper

Another subscription you’ll surprise him with is a subscription to a magazine or newspaper. With it you will make every passionate reader happy. Let your husband, father, brother, or best friend start the day enthusiastically with their favourite newspaper, accompanied by a lovely cup of coffee. Or give him the chance to start the weekend off in a laid-back way, snuggled up on the couch with a fascinating magazine.

Are you in doubt about the favourite reads of the happy receiver? No worries, the Magazine Gift Card is the perfect solution! With tens of titles to choose from, from intriguing football magazines to in-depth News content and compelling music magazines, there is a perfect gift idea for every man. That way you’re not only giving words on paper, but also a daily dose of inspiration and entertainment!

Gift idea 3: An adventurous experience

How do you surprise an adventurous man in a way that makes their heart skip a beat? Choose a gift that gets his adrenaline pumping, like an exciting balloon ride, a daring bungee jump or an unforgettable helicopter flight. Not only are these experiences right on target, they also create unforgettable memories, especially if you share them together. Imagine the smile on his face while you’re exploring the world from up high together!

Another gift idea for him is outdoor gear to support him on his adventures. Think of a high-quality backpack to keep his things in, a pair of firm athletic shoes that take him everywhere he wants to go, or water proof rain clothes that withstand even the most unpredictable downpours. These are the tools to bring his adventures to another level. So, are you ready to awaken his adventurous mind even more?

Gift idea 4: Tasting beer, whisky, or wine

Indulge his taste buds and treat him to an unforgettable beer, whisky, or wine tasting. The perfect way to discover new flavours and to enjoy a fun night full of tasty experiences.

For men who prefer to enjoy a refreshing blond beer on a sunny terrace or a robust dark brew on a grey autumn day, there’s the All  Bar One Gift Card. With it, your husband, best friend, father, or any man can start looking for their new favourite beer. Would he rather drink a nice glass of wine? Then the Laithwaite's Wine Gift Card is the gift you’re looking for! Give a gift that lets him embark on an adventure of discovering new flavours.

Gift idea 5: A visit to the theatre

For true theatre fans there isn’t a better gift than the promise of a night out to the theatre. With the Theatre Gift Card he can fully enjoy theatres spread throughout the UK. Whether he prefers exciting plays, dance shows, opera or a sing-along musical, there’s always a theatre show to his liking!

It is not just any gift, it’s an invitation to escape reality and to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of theatre. Bring excitement, emotion and entertainment to life and let him enjoy his favourite shows the way they are meant: on stage! A theatre ticket does not only celebrate the love for the theatre, but also makes for an unforgettable theatre experience.

Gift idea 6: Everything for the sports enthusiast

For the sportive man in your life there are numerous gift tips that embrace his passion for sports! Consider a ticket to an exhilarating football derby, an exiting tennis match or an unforgettable hockey game, giving him a live sports experience he won’t soon forget. Or choose an item from the official merchandise of his favourite sports team, so he can support them in style.

Does he like to be active himself? Then give him a membership to a gym, where he can pursue his sportive goals and work on his shape. Or choose the Sports Direct Gift Card, which he can use to shop the sports items of his choice. Whether it’s new running shoes, practical fitness equipment or stylish sports clothes, with this gift card he can take his passion for sports to a higher level.

Encouraging his favourite team from the stands or improving his personal sports goals, there’s a suitable gift for every sports enthusiast.

Gift idea 7: Foodies indoors and outdoors

Also for the foodie in your life we have some fantastic gift tips! Is the kitchen your man’s happy place? Then he’ll enjoy new culinary adventures and delicious meals. A cooking workshop is a brilliant culinary gift that allows him to bring his culinary skills to perfection.

Or start at the beginning: a good chef is nothing without his kitchen equipment. Think of a powerful blender, a multifunctional kitchen machine or a professional kitchen robot. That way he’ll prepare the most elaborate meals in the blink of an eye. Have you heard whispers about him needing a new fridge or a better stove? Then with an All-in-1 Choice Gift Card you contribute to that purchase dream.

Another fantastic gift idea for him is a high-quality set of knives. A set with various knives for various cutting techniques is a real must-have for any chef. It not only makes cutting more efficient, but also boosts the fun in the kitchen!

Of would you prefer giving them extra inspiration? Then collect cookbooks of celebrity chefs and immerse him in new cooking techniques and taste combinations. You don’t have to freak out about which cookbooks he might already have. With a National Book Tokens Gift Card, he can choose what his chef’s heart desires.

Does your husband, father, brother, or best friend prefer to go out to dinner? Then the Dining Out Card is the perfect choice! With it he can choose from hundreds of restaurants representing the highest culinary level. A true pleasure to the taste buds and the perfect occasion to enjoy a wonderful evening out, with delicious food on his plate and in great company. In any case this will be a gift for him that’ll be completely to his taste!

Gift idea 8: A touch of culture

For men who love culture, tickets to a museum are the ultimate gift tip. But of course it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect museum. With the All-in-1 Gift Card, you give every culture fan the freedom to find their perfect day out, without you having to decide in their place!

For book worms, nothing beats a good book. Are you trying to choose between the latest literary sensation, a timeless classic or that thrilling thriller? Not to worry! With the National Book Tokens Gift Card, he can choose his own literary adventure. Whether he wishes to get lost in the pages of a captivating novel, discover a classic masterpiece, or experience the excitement of a thriller, with this gift card, the choice is his.

Gift idea 9: A sense of style

Dive into the world of men’s fashion where style and charisma intertwine. Find the perfect gift tip for men with an eye for fashion! If you want to excel at giving gifts, then consider an H&M Digital Gift Card, a gift that grants the men in your life access to an unprecedented selection of stylish outfits and must-have accessories. H&M is the place to be for men who’d like to upgrade their wardrobe with the latest fashion trends.

But that’s not all! The Boohoo Gift Card makes the heart of many fashion lovers beat a little faster. Here, men’s fashion, men’s shoes, and accessories for men, all come together. Whether it’s a new stylish outfit, a couple of casual chic shoes or a new pair of sunglasses, with this gift card the receiver can fine-tune his personal style up to the very last detail.

Gift idea 10: Handy in home or garden

Are you looking for the perfect gift for men who consider the hardware store to be their second home? Look no further! The All-in-1 Choice for Home & Garden is the ultimate handyman gift: from powerful drills to the very best construction material, there isn’t a chore that is too big or too small for this one. With this gift card you give him the freedom to lift his home projects to a higher level with the tools and materials he chooses and needs.

For the man with green thumbs there’s the National Garden Gift Card, a surprising gift that makes sure your partner, father, best friend or brother finds everything he needs to maintain his beloved garden or to design a flourishing vegetable garden with. From lush plants to high-quality garden tools and suitable garden furniture, with this garden gift voucher you let him create and maintain his own green paradise.

Whether he likes to do handyman chores or constructions, or finds his peace amidst the green, with these gift tips you give him the chance to embrace his passions and to bring his projects to life.

Gift idea 11: Everything for the creative man

For creative men looking to broaden their artistic horizons, workshops in photography, sculpting or painting make great gifts. A photography workshop offers the chance to learn the intricacies of composition, lighting, and image editing. With a professional photographer as a guide, he will discover new perspectives and learn to tell his own visual story.

For men who want to experience the charm of crafts, a pottery workshop or a sculpture workshop is the perfect gift. With this gift he will taste the magic of shaping clay, discover different turning techniques, and learn to make his own ceramic creations.

For those who love the brush and canvas, a painting workshop offers an outlet for creativity. Under the guidance of an experienced artist, the man you want to surprise can discover different painting techniques, mix colours, and bring his own masterpiece to life.

More than just an artistic journey, a creative workshop is a chance to create handmade artworks and share them with the world. This will make every creative soul happy!

Gift idea 12: For cat dads & dog dads

Are you looking for a gift for men who are crazy about their furry companions? Great, we know exactly what you need to surprise animal lovers! For the intrepid cat dad, a cat bed in which his fuzzy friend can cuddle up, no doubt will work as a charm. Doesn’t he have a cat himself? Then make him happy with a visit to a local cat café. A delicious cup of tea and cute company, what more could a person wish you?

And for those energetic dog dads, for whom there’s not a walk that’s too long, a new collar, a pair of tough sneakers or dog snacks to bring along are highly recommendable. With it they can treat their dog repeatedly. From interactive toys that guarantee hours of playing fun to a dog training session to tighten the bond even more. You can really go all out!

Gift idea 13: A proper breakfast to start the day off well

The perfect gift for men who want to start the day off well: a proper breakfast or a cosy brunch! Artisanal coffee, delicious breakfast meals and a laidback atmosphere, the perfect ingredients for a wonderful morning. With the You Choose Food & Drink Card he can choose for himself where he wants to go and enjoy richly topped sandwiches, croissants, pastry, savoury snacks and more.

Would you rather stay indoors? Then surprise him with a personally prepared brunch basket full of delicacies. Think of fresh croissants, artisanal jam, the very best coffee beans, or a selection of his favourite tea. Add a personal touch to it with a handwritten card. And would you like to make it even more special? Then you can festively decorate the dining room and table with garlands and balloons. Wanna bet it’s a surprise he will never forget?

Gift idea 14: Must-haves for the seasoned backpacker

For the seasoned backpacker, who’s always looking for new adventures and travel destinations there are various gift tips to make these experiences even more unforgettable. r Surprise him with a must-have travel item, like a lightweight tent, handy sleeping bag or compact travel alarm clock. Of go for a sustainable gift like a solar charger, that way he will stay connecting during his backpack adventure.

Multifunctional travel clothing also makes for a great gift for him. Choose fast drying, UV-protective and stench resistant clothing that is suitable for various weather conditions, so he can travel with less luggage during his travels.

These gift tips for the seasoned backpacker combine comfort with adventure and will undoubtedly make his travels even more enjoyable. Whether it’s minimizing luggage, increasing sustainability, or adding unique travel items, these gifts without a doubt will put a smile on the face of the globetrotter in your life.

Gift idea 15: Nice and relaxed

Last but not least… Relaxation! In between all those adventures, a day of relaxation should not be missing. Indulge him with a lovely weekend trip to a wellness resort, where spa treatments, hot tubs and swimming pools await him.

A nice spa day can also form a welcome change from his busy life. Between all the work, studies, and children he might barely get the chance to enjoy trips like this. High time to exchange all those endless to-do lists for aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, luxurious bath salts, comfortable bath robes and soft towels, perfect for regaining balance.

Would you rather arrange a wellness moment at home? Then a fitness tracker is a great gift for keeping up with his physical efforts and stress levels. Or choose a few high-end facial care products like a sustainable razor kit, moisturizing creams, and exfoliating scrubs. These products do not only help moisturize but also refresh his skin.

With these wellness gifts you give the man in your life the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation! And who knows, you might be his plus one at the sauna… Win-win!

In short, gone are the days of searching for ‘gifts for him.’ Our carefully composed list with 15 gift ideas for men makes finding the perfect gift a piece of cake. Why settle for average gifts when you can choose something that seamlessly connects to his unique personality and interests? This list has been designed to make the search for the perfect gift easier, whether he’s an adventurer, technology fan, culinary connoisseur, or an art enthusiast. With one of these gifts you assure yourself of a gift that will not only be to his liking, but also leaves a lasting impression because it comes straight from the heart and perfectly matches who he is. So, leave all the gift misery behind and give the man in your life a gift he will never forget and that will immediately put a smile on his and your face. Happy to surprise!