Make a 12- to 16-year-old happy with these amazing gifts!

15 February 2024

You’re looking for a gift that will make the eyes of a teenager sparkle, but you don’t know exactly what that is? No worries, you no longer have to wreck your brain about this mystery! Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a tough 12-year-old girl or a birthday gift for a creative 16-year-old boy… We’ve got you covered! From the latest gadgets and trendy clothes to piles of books. We understand like no other that teenagers have a unique style and specific interests. That’s why below we’re lining up the best gift tips for boys and girls. Ready to make the teenager in your life happy with the perfect gift?

Gift 12-year-old girl

Are you looking for a gift for a 12-year-old girl with a sense for fashion? Immerse the young fashionista in a world of indispensable accessories, like a beautiful necklace that suits every outfit or a silky soft scarf to keep her warm. Would you rather give her some glam? Then sustainable beauty products or a lovely facial mask are the items you’re looking for! Perfect for a cosy sleepover with friends. Besides, these products can give the sensitive skin of teenagers some extra love and care. Are you freaking out at the thought of having to choose something? Then a Fashion and Beauty gift card will help you out.

And how about a gift for a creative 12-year-old? Arts and crafts supplies will definitely be on their wish list! Choose an explosion of colour with a paintbox, choose from the endless options with notebooks, bullet journals or sketchbooks. And for the teenager who would rather make their own choices, the Marks & Spencer gift card will be like a golden ticket to their own DIY wonderland. Happy teenager, happy you!

Gift 12-year-old boy

Party for the 12-year-old gamer! Dive into the world of games with the coolest accessories like the latest controller, top-notch headset, or an epic subscription to an online gaming service like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. Where to go for this? Without a doubt, Argos is the go-to place for gamers.

In addition, trainers of well-known brands always make a great gift for a 12-year-old boy. With a gift card from Nike, you don’t even have to decipher his shoe size. Would you rather give him clothes? Then let him choose from the extensive offer of Superdry so he can determine his own style.

Gift 16-year-old girl

Teenagers are often into the latest fashion trends. With a new purse or trendy sunglasses you will definitely make her incredibly happy. Although it is important to know her style. Are you not sure of which clothes she likes to wear, what her sizes are, or where she prefers to shop (online)? Salvation comes in the shape of a fashion card which she can use to discover the latest fashion items!

Or perhaps you would prefer to further expand her impressive book collection? Lovers of the young adult genre will love a new book by their favourite author. You can browse through the bestsellers or play it safe and choose a Book Gift she can use to choose from an endless book offer.

Gift 16-year-old boy

For a teenager, music is more than just a tune, it’s a lifestyle! For that 16-year-old boy that cannot stop talking about his favourite band or artist, Bluetooth headphones make for the ultimate gift. Or take it a step further and give him a ticket to an epic concert or festival. Because nothing beats seeing your favourite artist perform live. An experience to remember for a lifetime!

And for budding sports fans: surprise him with a ticket to a sports event where he can support his preferred team together with you. Feel the adrenaline rushing through the stadium, cheer along with the crowds and make memories that will last forever! Is he more of a sports hero himself? Then think of sports items or a gym subscription that further awaken his passion for sports.

Birthday gifts for teenagers

Who said that some gift tips are only suitable for boys or girls? Mix and match for the ultimate gift! The secret? Choose something that suits the personality of the teenager. Below we’re sharing some gift tips for 12- to 16-year-olds.

For movie fans and music maestros, a subscription to Netflix, Disney+ or Spotify forms an entrance ticket to a world of new stories and songs. The perfect gift for an abundance of entertainment!

In addition, experience gifts add that little bit of extra magic. A visit to a theme park or an adrenaline kick at a paintball venue create amazing memories. Board games and puzzles in their turn create fun family moments and endless playing fun with friends.

Christmas gifts for teenagers

Christmas: a holiday for all ages! Whether you’re young or old(er), the magic of Christmas is always irresistible. For teenagers, the joy goes hand in hand with traditional Christmas crackers, with the little gift or quote inside as an extra surprise. And let’s be honest, who can resist the nostalgia of hanging up the Christmas stockings? Fill them with all sorts of treats like candy canes, Christmas cookies or little gingerbread men.

Would you like to add a gift to all these sweets? Then choose winter accessories like a shawl, hat, and gloves. Stylishly convenient during cold winter days to come. Or you can print a gift voucher, roll it up and hide it inside the stocking. With the All-in-1 Choice gift card you’re guaranteed of a successful Christmas gift!

Whatever the passions of your beloved daughter, son, nephew, nice, grandchild of godchild may be… with our gift tips you are assured of a successful gift. Because let’s be honest, nothing is as fun as finding that one perfect gift that puts a big smile on their faces. Happy to surprise, happy to celebrate, happy to make their day extra special!