The 5 best gift cards for film and culture enthusiasts

19 February 2024

The best season to indulge in watching a movie or binge-watching series? Right now! High time to cuddle up on the sofa with a warm blanket and to enjoy a cosy night in, or to go and sniff up some culture someplace else! Would you like to surprise a film fanatic or a culture lover with an original gift card? But could you use some inspiration? Then continue to read and discover our 5 best arts and culture gift cards. Ready to surprise your loved one with hours of pleasure for their eyes and ears?

Arts and culture gift card 1: give a visit to the cinema

When thinking of binge-watching, you think of: movies! And what better place to go and watch a movie than on the big screen, from a comfortable seat and with a huge cup of popcorn in your hands? Thanks to the Virgin Experience Days Gift Card you can give someone the ultimate cinema adventure. Let your friends or family choose from a wide offer of movies. From edge-of-your-seat thrillers to romance to dream away with and dramas that’ll have you tearing up.

Whether they’ll choose blockbusters or Bollywood films, there’s something for everyone. With the Virgin Experience Days Gift Card they not only get to watch a movie, but they also experience the magic of movies on the silver screen. This will make the real film fanatic happy in an instance!

Arts and culture gift card 2: all you need for binge-watching series at home

Of course you can also opt to bring the cinema experience to your own home. The things you need for that? A comfortable and warm blanket to snuggle up in, tasty snacks and a selection of proper binge-worthy series or films.

With the Harrods Gift Card the lucky receiver can choose everything to make their home just as cosy as the movie theatre. Are you dealing with gourmands who like to eat during the movie? Then the Pizza Express Gift card will be a huge hit. With tens of pizzas to choose from there’s always something to their liking. And did you know they have something for your sweet tooth as well?

Arts and culture gift card 3: a gift that swings

Time to stretch your legs? Give a performance as a gift! Thumping basses and the unique bond between the artist and his audience, nothing stimulates the senses more than live music. Ready to give an unforgettable moment as a gift? Then choose the Ticketmaster Gift Card. With it, the receiver can choose a concert by their favourite artist and enjoy an evening of dazzling shows!

Are you looking for a gift for a true festival fanatic? Then the Ticketmaster gift card is the perfect choice a s well! Whether the receiver wants to rock off the roof to roaring guitars, make the ground tremble to electronic beats or wants to drift off with the sound of classical instruments, there’s a festival for every music lover. Imagine surprising a metal fan with a legendary rock concert. Or how you would make a friend who is captivated by the latest electronic beats happy with a ticket to that one dance festival. Music is not just something you hear, it’s something you feel.

Arts and culture gift card 4: let the theatre curtains rise

The curtains slowly rise up, the lights are dimmed and the magic of the theatre comes to life. A ticket to the theatre is the perfect gift for every culture fan. Here, the world of stories, emotions and tantalizing performances opens up.

The theatre is the place where fantasy comes to life. Thus with this gift you give an evening of magic. No doubt this will be a fun night out, during which the everyday life Is left behind and where compelling stories begin. Thanks to the Theatre Tokens Gift card you don’t even have to choose which show will surprise your family or friends. From classic stage performances, modern musicals and humorous cabaret shows to enchanting ballet, there is something for everyone. Give the receiver the freedom to choose for themselves. That way, your gift will be sure to please!

Arts and culture gift card 5: a museum trip through time and space

No culture without a visit to a museum. Here you always enter a wondrous world where history, arts and culture unite. Where every exhibition tells an impressive story. And where around every corner, a special discovery awaits.

Because of this, a Virgin Experience Days Gift Card forms the perfect gift for every occasion. No matter if you wish to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, with this gift you’ll make every culture enthusiast happy. From a historical museum to an art gallery or science museum, suddenly you are face to face with history, arts, and science. Which culture lover will you surprise with this great gift?

With one of these 5 great gift ideas, you will make any film and culture lover instantly happy. Raise the curtains, let the screen light up and surprise your friends or family with an amazing experience. Whether you choose an impressive concert, cozy cinema visit or lovely evening of binge-watching series at home, it will be a great memory either way. And to make it extra easy on yourself, you can order your favourite arts and culture gift card as an e-voucher. Happy to surprise!