Giving a gift card? This is how you make it incredibly personal

19 February 2024

You would like to give someone a gift card. But... isn’t that a bit unpersonal? The answer is: no, not at all. Especially not with our 7 tips to add an incredibly personal touch to your gift card With some small adjustments you transform your gift card into a well-thought-out gift. From a handwritten note to planning a fun experience together, find out how you can turn a gift card into a gift that will be engraved in the memory forever. Ready to surprise? Then keep on reading!

Tip 1: choose something that fits the interests and personality of your loved one!

The offer of gift cards is endless… There are gift cards for beauty lovers, sports enthusiasts, employees, mums, dads, grandfathers, grandmothers, teachers and so on. Just like every gift card is unique, so is every person. So before giving a gift card, think about the personality and interests of the person you would like to surprise.

Is it someone who would love to have all their worries washed away during a relaxed day at the sauna? Or are they the type that would be bouncing with happiness at the thought of going bungee jumping? Does his or her heart skip a beat at the thought of delicious food? Or rather at the thought of a new outfit? Are you always spotting him crawling up on the couch with a good book? Or do you often see her putting on her trainers to go for a run?

Whoever you want to surprise, there’s a gift card for everyone! And with the right gift card you also show how well you know the person involved. Win-win!

Tip 2: give a Choice gift card

Make every moment unforgettable with the Choice Gift Card, also called the Multi-store gift card: the absolute champion amongst gifts! Whether you want to surprise your niece of nephew with a smashing birthday present for kids, wish to surprise your great mum on Mother’s Day or want to treat your love to a lovely dinner on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have the perfect gift at hand.

Thanks to the Choice Gift Card, giving a gift not only becomes easier, but also immensely fun! Which moment will you make unforgettable?

Tip 3: make sure to use fun and original wrapping

You want a gift card that says, ‘I like you.’ Whether you would like to surprise your love, mum, neighbour of bestie. It’s nice to be appreciated. The first impression starts at the beginning, namely, with the wrapping! So pay extra attention to how you would like to present your gift card.

Use a beautiful envelope or box and add a few decorations. For a cool retro look you can use an old newspaper to wrap your gift card in. With a huge red bow around it as the finishing touch. Simple yet unique! Or to make it even more personal: tear a few pages from his or her favourite magazine. Or print out the pages of their favourite book as wrapping paper. A gift that has been lovingly wrapped, radiates exactly that: love!

Tip 4: add a picture to the gift card

What brings a smile to the face faster than a happy photo? Make your gift card extra personal by attaching a photo to it with a paper clip. Or by adding a photo to the envelope you put the gift card in.

This can be an image that fits the theme, such as a funny bookish meme with a Book Gift. Or just a nice photo of a fond, shared memory. Whatever you choose, a photo instantly makes a gift card that much more personal. Instant unique gift card? Check!

Tip 5: add a small present to the gift card

Another thing to add to the gift card is a small present. Whether it’s a red rose for your loved one, a piece of marzipan for that one neighbour, or a bottle of beer for your colleague, a small present makes your gift that much more personal.

If you want to take it a step beyond, then you can opt for something in the same theme as the gift card. Think for example of two beautiful wine glassed with a Wine Gift Card. Or some candles with an Interior Gift Card.

And for the kings of personal gifts, there’s the option of adding a fun DIY element to the gift card. From a self-baked cake to a mini bouquet of dried flowers. Absolutely anything is possible!

Tip 6: plan a fun experience together

Another way to make a gift card more personal is by choosing a fun experience you can do together! From eating pastries in a cosy coffee bar and a day of testing rollercoasters in the theme park to a city break that has been on your bucket lists forever… Whether you choose dinner, a movie night or a fun day out, with a gift card like that you show someone how much you enjoy spending time with them. Quality time, here we come!

Tip 7: add a handwritten note to the gift card

Last but not least… a handwritten note makes every gift extra special. Write down why you’ve chosen this particular gift card or write why this person means so much to you. A personal message gives every gift card an immense value and in addition, it’s often kept as a memento.

No matter how you choose to add an extra personal touch to your gift card, no doubt your unique gift will be to the receiver’s liking. And a personal gift like that is extra fun to give. Happy to surprise!