The 10 best gift tips for a true fashion lover

19 February 2024

You’re looking for a gift for someone who’s always dressed to impress, with a jaw-dropping wardrobe and a sense of style that would make even Coco Chanel jealous. Something you can surprise the true fashion queen or fashion king in your life with. But, what to choose? No panic! Below we’re sharing the 10 best gift tips for fashion lovers. Ready to make the heart of fashion lovers beat faster? Then keep on reading!

Fashion gift 1: statement jewellery

True fashionistas don’t want to be wallflowers. They want to shine and stand out, groomed to perfection in their passionately chosen outfit. Clothes make the… well, everyone actually. The only thing that’s missing? A statement jewellery piece to steal the show with. From large earrings to a striking necklace and a unique bracelet. There’s jewellery for every fashion lover and in every fashion style!

Were you born with a little less fashion sense yourself? Or are you breaking a sweat at the thought of so much to choose from? The Ernest Jones Gift Card is your lifesaver! This will make every fashion lover instantly happy.

Fashion gift 2: a new handbag

The fashion gift you can never go wrong with for a fashion lover: a new handbag! Whether you go for a timeless classic or the latest model, there is always that one perfect handbag that will bring any outfit to the next level.

No idea which brand, colour, or size to buy? Then the All-in-1 Choice Gift Card is just what you need! Phew, fashion crisis averted.

Fashion gift 3: a subscription to a fashion magazine

First and foremost: a fashion magazine offers a ton of information! Hello latest trends, stylish looks, and innovative designs. This is where every fashion lover finds their mojo. In addition, it’s lovely to be able to browse through the paper pages whilst staying up-to-date about everything that’s going on in the fashion world.

Moreover, a beautiful fashion magazine is the perfect eyecatcher in the interior of a fashion lover. Perfect to further dress up that elegant coffee table or style a desk with.

Fashion gift 4: going on a shopping spree

Can you think of anything more fun for a fashion lover than going from shop to shop on a shopping spree? As a gift, compose a shopping day with gift cards of their favourite fashion stores. Think for example of a Clarks gift card, Nike gift card, North Face gift card, H&M gift card, Primark gift card, Zara gift card, Footlocker gift card, Adidas gift card, Hunkemoller gift card, Superdry gift card and so on… The options are endless!

Fashion gift 5: a fashion book

A coffee-table book filled with inspiring fashion photos and motivational background stories, what fashion lover wouldn't be happy with that?

Choose a fashion book with a beautiful cover that immediately forms a gorgeous addition to the interior. Or play it safe and give a Book Voucher. That way the fashionista can choose a book that their heart goes out to themselves.

Fashion gift 6: a delicious fragrance

Style touches all the senses. From elegant fabrics that fall softly on the skin to a delicious fragrance to complete the look. A hint of perfume is part of most morning rituals. Thus it’s time to dive into the wondrous world of subtle notes of flowers, herbs, and woody tones.

A carefully selected perfume is like the finishing touch to a masterpiece. Would you rather not make a choice yourself? The Boots gift card has got you covered!

Fashion gift 7: fashion shopping from home

Would you like to surprise someone who prefers to shop from the comfort of their own home? Or someone who can’t visit the shops themselves because of an illness? Then the All-in-1 Choice for Online Shopping is the perfect gift card! With this digital gift card, the receiver can shop at multiple famous brands from their own home. Browse through the immense online offer of for example Zalando or Superdry and have everything delivered home. Easy-peasy!

Fashion gift 8: high-end cosmetics

A set of high-end cosmetics in wonderful packaging: the ultimate gift for the true fashion lover. With the latest make-up must-haves you let everyone shine. Would you rather give the freedom of choosing themselves? With a Harrods gift card you can. From luminous eyeshadow pallets to silky soft lip colours… let your loved one wonder through the Harrods beauty department and find something to connect perfectly to their unique style.

Fashion gift 9: tickets to a fashion event

What fashion lover doesn't dream of being able to attend a fashion show one day? Or to visit a place steeped in fashion? One of the best gift tips for a fashion lover thus is a ticket to a fashion event or a visit to a fashion museum. It's the perfect chance to get tons of inspiration. What time is it? It's fashion o'clock!

Fashion gift 10: stylish sunglasses

If you think of a fashionista, you think of sunglasses. These indispensable accessories not only protect the eyes at sun spoiled destinations, they also form the ultimate fashion statement. The right sunglasses can really transform an outfit, add a touch of mystery, or complete a look.

Are you afraid that they won’t like the glasses? Or that they don’t fit? No worries, thanks to a gift card of for example Zalando or Asos you can save yourself from these fears and let your loved one choose the perfect sunglasses themselves.

From the perfect accessories to fun experiences, these fashion gifts are perfectly tailored to the heart of a fashion lover. In fact, these 10 gift tips are the guide to putting a broad smile on the face of the fashion lover in your life. And on yours, of course. Happy to surprise!