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Convenient & personal gifts on steroids E-gift Cards are the best invention ever. Surprise, congratulate or thank someone from wherever you are, and deliver instant happiness to their mailbox. E-gift Cards are increasingly popular. Among those who decide to buy their family, friends and business partners a gift card, a growing number opt for its digital version - the email gift card. Buy your E-gift Cards here at We promise you and the recipient a personal and user- friendly experience. You may even be tempted to get yourself an email gift card. In fact, you should. You deserve it.

The benefits of E-gift Cards

Immediate delivery: Get an email gift card even as you’re on your way to the party. Take a minute to select an e gift card and your present will be in the recipient’s mailbox before you arrive.

Only a few clicks away: You can find all of the 140 gift cards on this website. Browse and select!

Personal note included: We send the gift to your inbox first, so you can add a personal note for the recipient.

Sure hit: As your digital gift card gives the recipient total freedom, it is a sure hit. Who wouldn’t be happy with an opportunity to indulge in something they crave?

An email gift card is the best last-minute gift

Picture this. You had a horrible day at the office. You came home, ordered a pizza and binged a few episodes of your favourite series dressed in your onesie. Then all of a sudden you realise it’s your nephew’s birthday. At you can get him a great present within the hour. That’s one of the pros of an e gift card. If you move fast, your email gift card will reach him before he comes home from the pub. Surprise!

E-gift Cards for next-level relationship management

As a business owner or manager, you have a budget for relationship management. You spend it on gifts to mark occasions such as partnership anniversaries or special deals. Or you send flowers when your contact at a big client has a new baby. Why not take relationship management to a whole new level and give e gift cards from now on? You, your business and the recipient benefit from all of the pros of digital gift cards: it’s convenient, fast, personal and a sure hit. You can even get your own email gift cards with your company logo and colours.

Get your digital gift card now

  1. Browse and select the ideal e gift card or e-gift cards you want to give.
  2. Pay for your purchase and watch your mailbox.
  3. Write a personal e-mail to the recipient and forward the gift voucher.
  4. Wait for their happy reply.