The perfect present: find the best gift for your best (female)friend

16 February 2024

Your best friend, the undisputed co-author of your life story. The one you share the most absurd adventures with, from fits of laughter to heartbreaking cries. The one who never hesitates to tell you you’ve got something between your teeth before you leave for a date. Who supports you through thick and thin. The one who deserves a more than epic gift that shows her how much she means to you. But… what exactly is that perfect gift? Could you use some more inspiration? We love to help! Below are the best gifts to surprise your best friend with.

Best gift for your (female) friend

The most special gift you can give your friend is one that reflects her personality and interests. A gift that shows how well you know her. Whether you’re searching for a birthday gift for your best friend or looking for something to put underneath her Christmas tree, there’s a perfect gift for everyone!

Gift for the stylish friend

Is her wardrobe larger than her bedroom? Surprise the uncrowned queen of fashion with a Fashion Choice gift card which she can use to bring her outfits to an even higher level. From timeless accessories like a gorgeous scarf to a minimalistic bracelet and chic designer bags.

Extra tip: a customised piece of jewellery is just as unique as she is. Surprise her with an engraved necklace or a ring with her name, initials, or a special date in it.

Gift for the beauty queen

If you say pampering, I say wellness. Grant her a day full of relaxation with a spa break. From a facial to give her a wonderful glow to a massage that’ll knead all the stress out of her body, this is an oasis of peace and well-being. Perfect for the friend who wants to escape the daily hustle and bustle.

Gift for the book lover

Is she having a fictional crush again? Are you only allowed to interrupt her reading during a code red situation? Then you’ll make her happy with a new book by her favourite author! Don’t know where to begin? Or which books she already has? Then the National Book Tokens gift card is your saviour.

Gift for the sports fan

Are you always tripping over her yoga mat when you walk into her home? Is she training ferociously for a marathon? Or does she get the hang of a new sport every week? Give her a subscription to a sports app, virtual training lessons or even a membership to a local gym. Or play it safe with a Sports Direct Voucher! With this sports gift card it doesn’t matter which sports your best friend practices, she’ll be able to shop every sports item she likes.

Personal gift best (female)friend

Would you like a gift that’s even more personal? Then you can get started with creating a personal gift for your best friend yourself. With the gift ideas below we’re helping you on your way!

DIY photo collage

No doubt you’ve gone through some amazing moments together throughout the years… This calls for a photo collage! Take a trip down memory lane and collect the best photos from old photo albums, social media feeds and memory cards. Ready to immortalise your friendship in a showpiece for her home?

Extra fun: add a few personal notes or funny quotes to make the photo collage even more personal. The only thing that’s left for your friend to do? Pick out a nice photo frame and a spot in her home to hang up your creation!

Baked with love

The way to – well, pretty much everyone’s - heart is through their stomach! Surprise your bestie with a self-made birthday cake, including extra icing and shimmering sugar decorations. Extra points if it’s a cake with a theme like her favourite movie or celebrity.

Does she prefer savoury over sweet? Then a quiche makes a great alternative! Or surprise her with a delicious dinner of choice.

Birthday gift best friend

Whether your bestie is celebrating her 18th, 25th, 30th, 40th or 50th birthday… The birthday of your best friend calls for a special gift! And what could be more fun than an experience the two of you can share?

Un unforgettable trip

From a weekend getaway to sniff up some culture to an exotic location for sipping cocktails on the beach. Whichever destination you two want to cross off your bucket list, a trip is always a great thing to give. With a Travel Card you are taking the first step towards your travel adventure together.

A concert or festival

It’s fun o’clock! Give her a ticket for her favourite artist so you can dance to the irresistible beats together. Or surprise her with a festival in the UK or abroad. From jazz to metal and pop, there’s a concert or festival for everyone!

Is your best (female) friend celebrating her birthday? Are you looking for a Christmas gift to surprise her with? A personal gift to say thanks? Whatever the occasion, the most important thing is that the gift has been chosen with love and care. Thanks to our best friend gift tips no doubt you will score major BFF points! Happy to surprise!