Looking for an original gift for a wedding?

15 February 2024

A wedding is an unforgettable event, during which two people celebrate their love for one another. This calls for a fun and original gift! Do things stay eerily quiet when you try to come up with the perfect wedding gift? No worries, below we share the best gift tips. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the wedding of your friends, family, or colleagues. We’ve got you covered, so all you have to do is choose a smashing outfit… and enjoy this big day.

Tip 1: Memories as a wedding gift

An original gift for the wedding of friends is a gift that captures a lasting memory. Think for example of a photo album with pictures of the wedding couple from the moment they met until the wedding day. Or make a personal book about their love story in which you write how they met, what they’ve been true and which special adventures have crossed their path. Chances are that they will browse through it with a big smile on their face. And to give them a little nudge to make new memories, you complete your gift with the Virgin Experience Days gift card!

Another great idea is a time capsule: collect letters, pictures or other memories of your friends and make it clear to the couple that they’re not allowed to open this time capsule until a future anniversary date. Incredibly personal and that way they already have something to look forward to!

Tip 2: Give the wedding couple an experience they won’t forget

From small to immense moments. No doubt that the newlyweds like to experience things together. Instead of a material gift, why not choose to give them an experience? A romantic getaway weekend with the Inspire travelcard, for example, dinner in their favourite restaurant, a laidback wellness or spa day to unwind from all the wedding stress, a trip to a winery or make it even more adventurous with a balloon ride. In any case, it is something that they won’t soon forget!

Tip 3: DIY gift for a wedding

Are you the creative or handy type? Then of course you make the best wedding gift yourself. Would you like to craft the wedding gift? Then make candles with their favourite scent and print a personalized label with their names or the wedding date for example. A crocheted blanket, tea towel, pillow or quilt also make for original wedding gifts that also add cosiness to their home.

Are your talents more fitted for the kitchen? Then you can make homemade jam and wrap it as a gift with a big bow or unique label on it. Or you can make a recipe book with all your favourite meals and the recipes you absolutely have to share with the wedding couple. Bonus points of these recipes have funny or romantic titles!

Is the wedding couple creative themselves? You can surprise the newlyweds with the Argos gift card. The garden and DIY section has everything they need to get their hands dirty.

Tip 4: A gift that matches the wedding theme

Are you invited to a wedding with a specific theme? Then don’t hesitate to let your gift fit this theme. For a vintage wedding, a retro vinyl record with their favourite song or the song of their opening dance makes a fun gift.

Are you a guest at a beach wedding? Then you could go for personalized beach towels, a beautiful picnic basket or a waterproof camera.

Is the wedding festival-chic with food trucks, lanterns, and bright colours? Then a You Choose Experiences Digital gift card for a festival is the perfect gift! So the newlyweds can stay in that dreamy vibe.

Tip 5: A toast to the wedding

Of course, a toast has to be made on such a romantic event! You can do this by giving a suitable gift like a bottle of their favourite wine or champagne with a personal touch like a personalized label. Are you not sure which wine they like? Then a Laithwaites wine gift card would be perfect.

Tip 6: Keep it casual

Sometimes you’re invited to the wedding of colleagues or people that you actually don’t know all that well. Coming up with a nice gift idea in that case might take a while. Luckily, some gifts are pretty much a guaranteed success.

How about a set of glasses, a stylish picture frame or kitchen utensils? Those always come in handy. Do you really have no idea what the wedding couple needs or what they would like? Then an envelope with money is always a safe choice. That way the newlyweds have the freedom to decide for themselves how they want to spend it. Whether it’s on a honeymoon, renovations to their home.

Tip 7: Always a successful wedding gift

Would you rather give something more personal than money? Then a gift voucher in a specific theme like All-in-1 Choice for Travel or All-in-1 Choice for Beauty & Spa is a safe choice! Whether they will use it for a romantic dinner, relaxed getaway, or a day in the sauna… it will definitely be a successful gift.

The most important thing is that your gift is given with love, because after all, that’s what a wedding is all about!