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How does it work?

Order your gift card in 3 simple steps.

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Choose a gift card

Giving a gift card is always a good idea! At Giftcards.co.uk you can easily and quickly order one of the 100+ gift cards online from £10.

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Personalise your gift

When ordering on invoice, ask for the personalise options. 

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Send digitally or via post

Easily send a gift card straight to a recipient's email, it’s the greener choice! You can also send it via post, or even deliver a gift card in-person. It's as simple as that.

Order your gift card in 3 simple steps

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All-in-1 Choice Gift Card

The perfect gift for any occasion

Over 130 different gift cards to choose from

The perfect solution for corporate gifting

Available as a physical or a digital card

Available to order in denominations of £10 to £500

Choice card

Gift cards - great surprise, instant happiness

Looking for the perfect gift? It’s waiting for you, right here. With more than 130 different gift cards to choose from at giftcards.co.uk, you can literally make everyone happy. Hair and beauty lovers, garden hobbyists, gaming nerds or sports aficionados – we have gift cards for all tastes. Avid readers, fine-diners and eager travellers will be a friend for life with a gift card that allows them to treat themselves. Surprise anyone with a gift card, whether it’s to thank them for being there, to celebrate their 25th birthday, or to offer them a special treat. You will make a lasting impression.

Why buy online gift cards here?

Many brands and shops have their own gift cards. If you know just what you want, you can get them from one of the shops or online stores. A better option would be to make things easy for yourself and buy them here. Because we sell just about any gift card right here at giftcards.co.uk. The price, value and quality are exactly the same. The only difference, apart from convenience, is the vast choice you have. We let you combine three or a dozen different gift cards, and we can send them directly to the recipient if you like. Ready to surprise. Just click ‘Buy now’ and we will take you through the buying process. Or browse through the various Categories of cards for some original ideas.

Gift cards for people you don’t even know

Gift cards are epic when you have no idea what a person’s tastes and preferences are. For instance, when your manager asks you to get a present for her mother, “Oh, and she likes gardening and fashion”. Or when your new neighbour invites you to their house-warming, “Just bring yourself!”. With a gift voucher, you give them total freedom to indulge in what really makes them happy. You will be the hero of the party.

Physical gift card or e-gift card?

We have gift cards in physical and digital versions. You probably know our physical version. These popular gift cards are the size of a bank card. They make for a tangible present and a great surprise. You get them in the mail, or you tell us where to send them. We will take care of everything else. An e gift card is the digital version. It is also called an email gift card or a gift voucher. These e gift cards are sent by email. We send them to your mail box, so you can write a personal message and forward them to the recipient. One of the advantages of an e gift card is that you can get yourself a great present within the hour. Like, you´re on your way to your mother´s birthday and realise you don´t have a present. You stop at a petrol station. Not to buy some cheap flowers, but to safely select an e gift card on this website. By the time you reach your mother´s house, the email with your e gift card has already come in. Surprise!

Business gift cards

Business gift cards will get you a big smile any time. Thank your best relations for their business, mark the renewal of a partnership or reward your top resellers for their great results. You may not know each of them personally, but a business gift card will get them a present they are sure to love. You won’t ever have to wonder if your gift is too personal, dull or inappropriate. A business gift card is always a surprising gesture. It will be received with open arms. Are you a business owner, and do you want to give your team a big thank-you for their support and hard work? Then you won’t find a gift to suit the hobbies and tastes of all of them. What´s more, you don´t even know them all personally. What could be better than a gift voucher that will let them choose their own best imaginable present? A business gift card is a reward, Christmas present or anniversary gift that brings a great surprise. Convenient for you, a fast track to happiness for the recipient.

Business gift cards with company logo

Perhaps you intend to frequently give away business gift cards. Or maybe a special occasion is coming up for which you need a large number of gift cards. Then consider getting gift cards with your company logo and a personal note. You can keep a stock of gift cards at the office, and activate one whenever you need it.


Gift cards for any occasion

Do you know why gift cards are the ideal present? They are appropriate for any occasion. You can get a gift card for a newly-wed couple, for your neighbour's birthday, for your boss’ house warming or your friend’s new-born baby. What’s more, there are lots of gift cards that were designed to mark specific occasions. 

The perfect gift is a great surprise

Ready to be the hero of the party? We have gift cards for a wide range of occasions. It’s just like we said at the top of this page – great surprise, instant happiness.

Physical gift card: this is how it works

  • Pick a physical gift card, or more than one.
  • Pay for your purchase.
  • Tell us where to send it.
  • Give your present and get ready for some happiness.
  • Let the recipient buy the gift of their dreams.

Digital gift cards: this is how it works

  • Pick a digital gift card, or more than one.
  • Pay for your purchase.
  • Check your e-mail.
  • Write a personal e-mail and forward the gift voucher.
  • Sit back and let the happiness come back to you.
  • Let the recipient buy the gift of their dreams.

How to use a gift card

Are you at the receiving end of a gift card? Congratulations! Want to know how to use it? Just like giving one, it’s easy as pie. Using a gift card is done in three simple steps, whether you got a physical or a digital voucher:

  • Decide on how you are going to treat yourself.
  • Go to the website or shop that sells your dream gift, and check your card number and balance.
  • Order your dream gift and pay using the card number and PIN.